Above: The crew who journeyed to the central west, at Tamworth skatepark (with a few locals in the line up as well!)

I love when riders are industrious about making things happen. It's no secret that we are big fans of building and maintaining BMX - and I think an important part of that is trips to places to ride with other BMXers.

But why? What makes it important?

One answer is, it gets you out of your bubble. It makes you realise that there is more to what life is (on a BMX bike, or not), than just your current circumstances.

You learn that there are people everywhere, living different lives - and in the case of BMX - riding and experiencing BMX through a different lens. And you get to be a part of this when you're on the road.

This sounds obvious, but sometimes we get so caught up in what we have in front of us that breaking out and going somewhere new and different can be refreshing, for both you, and the riders you meet across your travels.

The park that riders are graced with in their local area, or the lack of riders, or the proximity to other spots - is all something you can feel and experience for a short while when you're in a new town. 

But you know what, there's more to it than just that..

Bar Beach skatepark under lights Karl Cottrell

Bar Beach skatepark, lit up - thanks to the locals. Talk about seeing things in a new light. Photo: Karl Cottrell

Another reason is, riders that choose to go on these trips form closer bonds and better friendships than ever.

The comradery that forms on trips like the one that we just went on is legendary. Nothing but encouragement and great times along the way.

But the final reason, and certainly just as important..

Will Gunn Tamworth skatepark transfer

Will 'Keys to the City' Gunn had to buy a bigger keyring on the trip.. He's the owner of a few new 'keys to the city' after the way he tore each park to pieces. Tamworth transfer. Photo: Tyson JP

Riding new places is the like being thrown back into the baby pool of riding. When you arrive at a new spot or skatepark, you have to figure out a line, the transition, what works and what doesn't. 

Sure, there might be transitions that are smoother than others, but the learning experience is what makes it really special. The challenge of the unknown and the ability to adapt. I'd prefer to figure out how to ride a new spot, even if it's less than ideal, and your level of riding is down a notch or two from how you ride your local.

Every park and spot we went to on the trip was different - in a good way. We rode a lot of big transitions and each of them was fun, and challenging. 

We even rode a wallride in the middle of nowhere that was by no means perfect, but it was worth it, just to add a new riding experience to your belt. 

The great thing is, the riding crew you are with is doing the same thing. Not to mention, you are learning off the locals and forming new relationships with them. The phrase 'feeding off each other' is never more appropriate than when on a trip. 

Chowgy wallride

Chowgy (AKA Ryan Saville) adapted to everything at full throttle. This wallride was no exception. The bank was steep and the bottom was more than kinked, but he made it look good all the same. Photo: Tyson JP

The NSW skateparks just keep getting better and better in the central and north west. Tamworth skatepark is one of the best I've ridden in a long time - 24 hour lights, deep transitions - and many more lines to still be discovered. Very recommended.

At the start I said I love when riders are industrious.. Our 'Hellsworth' trip was spurred on by Arthur Birbilopoulos and Danny Stevenson, so big shout out to those guys for rounding up a crew to shred with. A recommendation to all looking to make their own fun - if you're looking for a trip, all it takes is creating an instagram group with riders and mates you want to ride with. Arthur and Danny took the initiative and it turned into one hell of a memory for all of us.

Tamworth golden guitar group photo

Almost everyone packed the 'Rebellion' tee we made on the trip and coincidentally a lot of us we wearing it on our visit to the Golden Guitar in Tamworth. 'Gang' photo..

Truthfully, there's plenty more than 3 reasons why you got to get on the road with your friends in the name of BMX. It's definitely a reminder of why BMX is so hard to explain to people who don't do it (one of the conversations that was had on this trip). 

Trips like this cement BMX as a lifestyle and the more people that live that BMX lifestyle, the better off BMX will be. 

Thanks a lot to Karl Cottrell and Brendan Boeck for the additional photos you can see below - can't wait to get on the road again.

- Tyson 

 danny stevenson cancan bar beach

Danny Stevenson stepping on through at Bar Beach. Photo: Tyson JP

Dylan Lewis air tamworth skatepark

This quarter is deep.. Dylan Lewis excels in the deep. Big ol' air in Tamworth. Photo: Karl Cottrell

dermo one hand x up millthorpe skatepark

Dermo can crank a one handed x-up like it ain't no thing! Last stop of the trip, Millthorpe skatepark. Photo: Tyson JP

Sarah fullpipe carve millthorpe skatepark

Sarah Mitchell hitting the oververt in the capsule at Millthorpe. Photo: Tyson JP

Jye toboggan fakie bar beach bowl

Jye is a part of the Hambone crew and was popping the sickest toboggan fakies at Bar Beach. Stoked to get a roll with the Hambone homies! Photo: Tyson JP

Arthur Birbilopoulos table tamworth skatepark

Arthur has some of the nicest tables around. Folded at Tamworth. Photo: Karl Cottrell

Tyson Jones-Peni x-up dubbo skatepark

We arrived at Dubbo just before dark and got a few laps, but the next day was a little windy.. But the park is too good to pass up a ride on. Tyson JP x-up. Photo: Brendan Boeck

dylan lewis turndown wellington skatepark

Dylan Lewis has the most casual airing style considering how high he goes.. It just looks so damn effortless. Then when the turndown is cranked, it's mindblowing. Huge at Wellington skatepark. Photo: Brendan Boeck 

Will Gunn dubbo fullpipe

Will Gunn, upside down at Dubbo. This is mind boggling! Photo: Tyson JP

October 08, 2020 — Tyson Jones-Peni