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We guarantee you'll find your next BMX bike part here

You might be a next-level pro rider, or a new rider looking to add your first customization to your ride.

Whatever the case, we have you covered with an amazing range of the most inspiring BMX parts around.

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Strong and light parts for every area of your BMX bike

Two key factors that every BMX rider wants from their bike parts are:

1. Strength

 2. Lightweight

As a rider owned BMX shop, we're obsessed with finding the best of the best parts for you. That means a deep history of seeing what works and what doesn't firsthand.

Our expansive range is proving time after time to be strong and dependable, while still remaining lightweight. Whether it's a BMX stem or a set of pedals, we are confident in the epic range of BMX products we carry, thanks to two decades of experience as a BMX shop.

This will (hopefully!) give you the confidence that you'll be upgrading your bike with the highest quality BMX parts available.

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