Congratulations to Jason Watts and Tyson Jones-Peni on NORA Cup nominations

Congratulations to Jason Watts and Tyson Jones-Peni on NORA Cup nominations

Team rider Jason Watts and myself (Tyson Jones-Peni) have both been nominated in this year's NORA Cup (Number One Rider Award) hosted by Our BMX!

This is a prestigious award that is voted for by the BMX industry, so just to be nominated is a feat and very humbling!

Stoked for Jason... and myself, to be honest, haha.

Also, the Fast and Loose video, Magnetar was also nominated for video of the year, which is stacked full of our mates (including Jason) and we are stoked for the crew on that; definitely one of the best videos of all time.

The NORA Cup awards will be announced 10th September in Hastings, UK.

Good luck to the boys!

Jason Watts for NORA Cup Transition Rider of the year


Tyson Jones-Peni for NORA Cup Trail Rider of the year

September 04, 2023 — Tyson Jones-Peni
BMX trails Stromlo Forest Park

New BMX Trails at Stromlo Forest Park, ready for ACT JAM 2023

We've been working hard this year to get this across the line and we can finally announce it!

An ELITE BMX dirt facility ready for ACT Jam 2023 November 10-12, which will stay at Stromlo Forest Park as a permanent fixture of the park, alongside a beginner BMX tabletop line.

This is going to be huge for BMX, not only in Canberra, but worldwide, as it means a Government funded and approved BMX dirt park, which will be phase 1 of a purpose built freestyle BMX facility catering to all levels.

This facility will mean BMX riders from all over the world will be making travel plans to Canberra to ride some epic trails.

You'll see much more of this facility as it rolls out, this place is going to be pinnacle and the perfect place to host ACT JAM 2023 and beyond.

We're stoked.

Read the press release from the ACT Government below:

chris doyle bmx trails stromlo

Chris Doyle and Rhysty at Hillfire trails, circa 2017. Photo: Tyson JP

act jam 2023ACT Jam 2023 is going to be all time now that it's at Stromlo Forest Park! More details soon.

August 08, 2023 — Tyson Jones-Peni
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Elite Women's BMX Freestyler Sarah Nicki Interview and Bike Check

Elite Women's BMX Freestyler Sarah Nicki Interview and Bike Check

Sarah Nicki is taking her riding international.

It's been amazing to watch Sarah grow up as a young girl BMX riding in Canberra, both with freestyle and racing and now at just 15 years old, competing at the highest level in Freestyle BMX competition, going head to head with the best women's BMX riders at the World Cup events.

Sarah has crafted her skill on a BMX in Canberra, where she was able to beat Olympian Natalya Diehm to become Australian National Champion in 2022.

As well as being named Women's Freestyler of the year for 2022, Sarah has been making moves both figuratively and literally - making the big decision to move up to the Gold Coast to train full time as a BMX rider up there.

We are stoked on how Sarah rides a bike, but even more so, her attitude and her outlook on riding keep her head in a good place.

We miss Sarah calling herself a Canberra BMX rider but caught up with her recently to see how things were going in her world.

Sarah Nicki girls bmx bike Fitbikeco

Sarah on her new Fit Squib bike.

Sarah, what have you been up to?

I moved to the Gold Coast in January and have loved every minute. Since March I’ve had the Oceania Continental Championships, National Championships and the Montpellier World Cup so it has been pretty busy. Now I’ve got a couple of months until my next event so I’m just trying to stay focused on my training and having fun on my bike with friends on my days off.

What was it like traveling and competing in France?

It was a pretty great experience. Montpellier was a huge event, with a massive crowd of spectators and almost 40 riders competing in Elite Women. We had a lot of rain delays so the schedule was constantly changing and my semi final got split over two days but we were lucky to get everything in as many other categories got cancelled. Worst part was definitely the travel time with over 20 hours in the air each way + layovers.

You recently moved to QLD to join the Australian Freestyle BMX team. What made you decide to pursue the competitive BMX path?

I love competing, traveling and getting to ride with and meet riders from around the world. Competitions give me something to work towards and keep me motivated to improve.

Sarah Nicki BMX

Hugs from a young fan.

Is being on the Aus BMX team different than just riding BMX? Why?

It’s different because of the higher level of training and expectations, coming to the park with goals and intentions instead of just riding. The core is the same though, just getting out and having fun on your bike.

Do you have a schedule?

I ride at the National training facility 4 times a week, go to the gym twice a week and do aerial awareness/ acro training once a week. I generally have 1-2 days a week off the bike to rest and catch up on schoolwork and on the other days I ride the local parks.

How do you compare BMX in Canberra to the Gold Coast? What do you miss?

It’s very different up here with more riders focused on competitions and tricks as opposed to the style and flow that is more common in Canberra. For the next gen there are heaps of coaches up here and there is access to better facilities for learning tricks. I miss Canberra’s bowls and the BMX community.

What do you think about where women's BMX is? And what do you see for the future of women's BMX?

Women’s BMX has grown so much over the last few years. There are more women in BMX than there has been before and the level of riding is increasing all the time. My hope is that we can see women’s categories at more and more events in the future. I would love to see some Women’s vert or bowl comps.

What advice do you have for girls who are interested in riding BMX?

Have fun with it, don’t put too much pressure on yourself. Don’t give up if things take time, give yourself time to learn the basics. Some things will come quicker for other people and some things will just click for you. Stay committed and enjoy the process.

Anyone you’d like to thank?

Rhys & Tyson for encouraging me from day 1, Caroline & Natalya for inspiring and mentoring me, AusCycling & Queensland Academy of Sport for allowing me to follow my dreams and all of my sponsors.

natalya diehm sarah nicki anais prince

Natalya Diehm, Sarah Nicki and Anais Prince at the Australian National Freestyle Championships. Gold medal!

Sarah Nicki Fitbikeco Squib Bike Check

  • Frame: Fit Squib 20" (green of course). This frame is amazing, having slacker angles and a slightly longer back end but in a size that actually fits is so good! Also Green is the best
  • Bars: Fit Raw Deal cut to 26". Having slightly lower bars has meant being able to go back to a top load stem.
  • Grips: Fit Tech Grips
  • Stem: Fit Hango Stem. A bit shorter and lower than most top load stems, this stem goes perfectly with the Squib Frame.
  • Headset: Fit
  • Forks: Odyssey R32. Decided to give a longer rake a go for that bit of extra stability on the bigger jumps.
  • Cranks: Fit blunt 160mm. Good length and look great in combination with the Fit Key sprocket.
  • Sprocket: Fit Key Sprocket 28t
  • Chain: Odyssey Blue Bird black
  • Hubs: Odyssey Antigram v2 rear / Odyssey Vandero front. Simple and solid, also makes it easy to run your chain slammed as the axle sits flush (14mm female bolts), just a nice detail.
  • Rims: Odyssey 7ka
  • Tires: Odyssey super circuit 2.1 front and rear. Very light folding tire with a good tread pattern. The 2.1 works well on the Hurricane courses.
  • Tubes: CST superlight. Half the weight for only a few dollars more. Only downside is that they are a bit more prone to punctures being thinner rubber.
  • Pedals: Fit Mac plastic pedals.

Fit Squib bmx bike check

Sarah's Fit Squib custom bike.

Favourite parts or parts you like:

My bike is pretty different to most competition set ups but I’m really happy with how it turned out and it works well for me. I love my frame, the geometry suits my style and I really like the green. My other favourite parts are my bars, wheels and cranks.

fit squib bmx stem

fit squib bmx bike

fit squib bmx bike

fit squib bmx bike

fit squib bmx bike

July 21, 2023 — Tyson Jones-Peni
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back bone bmx trails chris kerr

The annual Valley View BMX trails jam

Will Kerr has been putting on jams at the Kerr residence trails, Valley View, since.. 2007? Maybe 2008? That's a long time.

Will and his brother Chris have turned this jam into an annual, must go-to event. If you're lucky enough for the invite (and we consider ourselves lucky), you are treated to a fun set of BMX trails, that can be as tame as you like, or as fierce as it gets - thanks to Will's commitment to providing fun progression throughout the various lines. 

I still maintain that the 'Dirty 30' line is one of the most intimidating lines I've ridden. You stare down a right hand, 90 degree berm, that has a half a metre tall extension lip jutting out halfway around it. If you dare to follow the groove off that lip, you are finding yourself jumping 25 foot plus at an angle that doesn't make sense. Yet, trust the groove, and you'll find yourself right in the center of the landing.. Heading at a lip, going as fast as you'll find yourself going all day, that is sending you 30 foot on the infamous 'Dirty 30' jump. All that speed and you wish you could have more, though, as after the 30 footer is a 90 degree right hand hip, with a 9 foot tall take off, sits in front of you. Don't cut it!

Will and the crew rebuilt the big hip lip in one day, so it was running a little slower than hoped, yet grooves were still laid into it and yet another epic weekend of riding BMX bikes and having a bunch of fun was had.

The Stayers were also treated to the new Fast and Loose BMX video premiere, Magnetar. I will say right now that this video may have just edged into the top 5 BMX videos of all time for me. It sits right in the same vibe as the T-1 video 'You Get What You Get', which was/is an important video for BMX, as it captured a vibe and the culture of BMX in it's road-less-traveled vibes, in tandem with amazing riding. The new Fast and Loose video feels just like that and you will be in for a treat if you get your hands on a copy.

Brendan Boeck and I took some photos of the weekend at Valley View Trails. As always, thanks to the Kerr's for the hospitality. Always leaving on a high from there.

- Tyson

Arthur B table BMX trails

chocco x up

chris kerr one foot euro

chris kerr nac nac

dermo pegs tractor

jake first hip

julian lookback

danny stevenson bmx trails

arthur b table trails

will kerr turndown

jake nac nac

jake dugdell can can

harrison fuller bmx 360

julien rocha bmx trails

tyson jones-peni bmx trails

raine turnbull 22 inch bmx trails

tyson jones peni bmx trails tiregrab

tom boorman hell on wheels bmx trails

will kerr bmx trails ruben


June 20, 2023 — Tyson Jones-Peni
dylan lewis bmx bike check

Dylan Lewis Mutiny PMA Bike Check (2023)

Dylan Lewis moved down to Melbourne at the start of the year for a change of scenery. It's been awesome to see him ripping hard down there and enjoying the fresh concrete. When Dylan is on it he is damn near the best bike rider on the planet, so much style and smooth as butter.

We caught up for a sesh at Hoppers Crossing skatepark in Melbourne's western suburbs. A really fun park, but Dylan made it look all too easy.. Don't let your eyes deceive you, Hoppers Crossing is filled with some bigger, steeper transition!

Dylan's BMX bike was looking fresh, too, and it turns out he had just built up his new signature Mutiny PMA frame. Due to COVID, Mutiny Bikes had to change paths and is currently selling direct on their website. The new Mutiny PMA frame is based on Dylan's Death Grip frame but with some tweaks and now manufactured in USA.

We've got a breakdown on what Dylan is choosing to run below - if you're looking to blast and ride smooth, then consider Dylan's choices a good one for yourself.

Thanks for the session, Dylan! Can't wait until the next one.

Dylan Lewis Mutiny PMA bike check

 "This is probably one of the best bikes I've had to date! Everything feels solid as fuck." - Dylan Lewis

dylan lewis bmx bike check portrait

dylan lewis bmx bike check 2023

dylan lewis bmx bike check eclat chocolate bars

dylan lewis bmx bike check relic flatout tire

dylan lewis bmx bike check eclat exile tyson seat

dylan lewis bmx bike check eclat tibia cranks

dylan lewis bmx bike check mutiny headtube

dylan lewis bmx bike check eclat fireball tire

dylan lewis bmx bike check

dylan lewis bmx bike check

dylan lewis bmx bike check

dylan lewis bmx bike check

May 09, 2023 — Tyson Jones-Peni
mid school bmx jam at rampfest skatepark

Mid School BMX Jam at Rampfest Skatepark (Photo Gallery)

I tripped down for the weekend to Melbourne to visit the Rampfest indoor skatepark and take part in the mid school BMX jam that was organised by Kris Degenhardt for riders 35 years and older.

It was a beast of a jam, with so many of my childhood local heroes in one place.

It was really special to see a lot of these riders still shredding, with some of them riding so damn good they could've taken out a modern day pro comp.

We all rode deep into the night and the skatepark was filled with awesome vibes from start to finish.

Thanks to Kris for organising, Rampfest for hosting and all the riders who attended and got me stoked.

Enjoy the photos and if you're nearing the 30+ mark, then know there's plenty of light at this end of the tunnel.

- Tyson

mick bayzand bmx

Teddy! Rampfest's employee of the year (my words) Mick Bayzand stepping them over.

mick bayzand bmx

Teddy going downside pegs into the resi.

360 whip

chocco dave camilleri bmx seatgrabchocco fastplant

julian rocha no foot can

julian rocha bmx 360 turndown

paul robertson bmx walltap

quinny bmx superman

quinny bmx nac nac

Liam 'Quinny' Quinlivan isn't close to being 35+, but he was doing tricks that represented the mid school so I had to shoot some photos. Superman and nac nac with some modern flare.


May 03, 2023 — Tyson Jones-Peni
act jam 2023 dates flyer

ACT Jam 2023 Video Competition Details (Save the date!)

UPDATE: New ACT Jam video competition cut off date of Midnight 29th October 2023.

The 2023 Boost Mobile ACT Jam is going to be at that next level. It's officially the tenth year since the reincarnation of the ACT Jam. Every year the jam builds and builds, but this year, we are taking the jam to a new, and different, level.

ACT Jam 2023 will focus heavily on a BMX video competition that is now officially open.

Every rider and their crew has a chance to film a video part that can be submitted by the extended cut off date of midnight 29th October 2023. A panel of judges will watch the submitted videos, selecting the top ten videos to be premiered as a full video during ACT Jam 2023!

The premiere will count down from ten, with the number one video part being the last part played on the night, revealing the winner.

Top three parts will receive prizes, with the winning video part receiving $3000 to share amongst the rider/riders and filmer/filmers.

We feel this video contest and premiere night is a special and important addition to ACT Jam for a few reasons. Firstly, it makes the jam even more fun for riders. While there will still be cash prizes to be given for things like best trick, challenges etc., the pressure will be off to perform.

Ask most riders what the most special part of a BMX event is and there answer will be 'a video premiere'. There is nothing quite like celebrating a rider's achievements that has been captured on (digital) film and showing it for the first time to the BMX community.

Typically video premieres are of one brand, one crew of riders - and this is where the ACT Jam video part competition premiere stands out. It provides a unique opportunity for multiple different scenes, sponsored riders, locations and genres of riding - a chance to shine and celebrate - all in the same night.

Whether your video makes the top ten played on the premiere night or not, we know that you'll have a real appreciation for what goes down on the weekend of November 10, 11 and 12.

Good luck and happy filming. See you in November! Scroll down to read the rules and guidelines.

 act jam 2023 bmx video competition

ACT Jam 2023 Video Contest Rules and Guidelines

  • Video must be minimum 2:00 minutes long
  • Video must be maximum 5:00 minutes long
  • Video can be 1 - 6 different riders
  • Video must only contain footage that has not been used anywhere else
  • Video must not contain blantant sponsor footage ie. watermarks or lingering and repeated sponsor logos
  • Video must be submitted in .mp4 format via dropbox/wetransfer (or similar) link to by midnight October 29 2023. Absolutely no videos will be accepted after this date.
  • Any terrain/style of riding permitted
  • Any music permitted (video creator takes responsibility for music used without permission).
  • Video judging will be done through a group of chosen judges within the BMX industry, criteria will be creativity, tricks, filming and editing, sound, music choice, titles, originality, enjoyment, watchability, vibe
  • Submitted videos should not be shown to or viewed by public by anyone except Back Bone BMX until after ACT Jam 2023 has finalised. Doing so will result in immediate disqualification. (So don't upload your part to your YouTube until after the premiere!)
  • Submissions are open worldwide residents
  • By submitting a video you agree to having your video played at ACT Jam 2023 and used by Back Bone BMX in future marketing and promotions. You may still use your video and you own all the rights to it! We just want you to okay with us be playing it and making it available to BMX riders.


April 07, 2023 — Tyson Jones-Peni
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synchronized tables weston creek bmx

Daylight Savings BMX Jam Photo Gallery & Recap

It's officially the end of daylight savings, but we held a jam to send it off properly. An awesome turn out from riders all up and down the east coast. Crew from up in QLD, Newcastle, Sydney, Dubbo and more, all made it to Weston Creek skatepark for an afternoon of good times on BMX bikes.

We gave away some awesome prizes, thanks to our sponsors Eclat, Fast and Loose, Colony (and us! Haha).

Riders young and old killed it all arvo, I shot some photos. Thanks to everyone who came and had a smile on their face - I've been reminded a lot lately that BMX is about good times with your mates - Saturday at Weston Creek was exactly that.

- Tyson

Big thanks to Shane Darwin from the Seen Co for filming this raw cut vid!

BMX Canberra at weston creek skatepark

Spot the stoked kid! Some of the crew at Weston Creek.

jyelan federal bmx canberra

Jyelan rode sick all day, really unique style and no chain or sprocket!

harrison fuller tempered bmx canberra

Harrison Fuller ripping and whipping, down from QLD for the weekend.

ben mcmillan bsd bmx australia

Benny McMillan kung fu slickin.

arthur birbilopoulos bmx table canberra

Arthur Birbilopoulos folding one over at height on the nicest paint job of the day.

mylee toohey bmx australia

Young Mylee Toohey just got back from 3 weeks up on the Gold Coast riding and competing. She is shredding lately and more importantly, is stoked on BMX.

tyson jones peni 360 bmx wethepeople australia

I did some riding, too. 360 over the spine. Photo: Brendan Boeck

dermo no foot can bmx weston creek

Dermo was full of gnarly tricks all weekend, like this topside no foot can can.

sasha kiselev bmx table canberra

Sasha is only 11 years old and rides with style and maturity beyond his years.

chris kerr bmx toboggan australia

Chris Kerr makes everything look awesome on a bike. Case in point.

harrison fuller tempered bmx australia

Harrison Fuller with the back seat grab.

dermo x up bmx weston creek

Dermo twisting it up.

danny stevenson wethepeople bmx australia

Danny Stevenson, absolutely cranked lookback, way up there.

sasha jackson bmx table australia

The two young guns, Sasha Kiselev and Jackson Presbury, worked hard to get these tables synched up and laid over at the right time.

April 04, 2023 — Tyson Jones-Peni
End of Daylight Savings Jam and a farewell jam coming up

End of Daylight Savings Jam and a farewell jam coming up

Summer just finished up, although it's still as warm as ever here - we're going to be holding an end of daylight savings jam to squeeze every bit of juice out of the long, warm days while it lasts.

end of daylight savings bmx jam canberra

DAYLIGHT SAVINGS BMX JAM: Weston skatepark, April 1st. 4pm - Late.

Plenty of different prizes up for grabs from a lot of epic sponsors, start planning your trip to Canberra!

While on the jam subject, one of our long time supporters and mates, Liam O'Connell, has a farewell jam on next Friday at Gungahlin. It's gonna be a fun one, make sure you get there!

canberra bmx jam

March 03, 2023 — Tyson Jones-Peni
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Tyson's signature Wethepeople Chaos Machine bike check; a freestyle BMX disc brake frame setup.

Tyson's signature Wethepeople Chaos Machine bike check; a freestyle BMX disc brake frame setup.

Tyson has been working with Wethepeople on his signature frame soon after joining the WTP team in 2020.. and it's finally here, as well as his signature @Eclat BMX Exile seat.

Tyson built it up and took it straight to the park for first laps, then gives his thoughts on his brand new ride.. the Wethepeople Chaos Machine.

Tyson wanted to bring the disc brake feel to his signature frame and Wethepeople made it happen, which he is fairly certain is the first production freestyle frame with a disc mount.. Built for what Tyson likes to ride; the trails and big transition riding.

'Big thanks to Wethepeople and Eclat for the opportunity and the new parts, stoked!' - Tyson Jones-Peni

November 11, 2022 — Tyson Jones-Peni
ACT Jam 2022 official video

ACT Jam 2022 official video

After watching last year's ACT Jam video that was made by attendee Aidan Rice, we contacted him to make us an official video for 2022. Aidan went above and beyond this year and absolutely smashed it with the video you see below. Watch it a million times and get stoked to count down the days until next year.

For those that don't know, ACT Jam is run by FACT BMX Club, which was started by us in 2011. We are lucky to have a rad committee this year that helped out a bunch, thanks to all involved.

We are hoping to create an even bigger and more powerful BMX club with Club Back Bone, so that we can build the BMX scene even bigger than ever, so please consider jumping on and becoming a member here:   

We also had local legends Lucifungus play on day one - you've probably heard their music on many of our web videos, so make sure you hit their bandcamp up and play their music LOUD.

Vans Presents ACT Jam 2022

Major Partners:

With Support From:

October 21, 2022 — Tyson Jones-Peni
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Corey Walsh BMX whip ACT Jam 2022

ACT Jam 2022 Photo Gallery

ACT Jam 2022 was bananas!

Above: Corey Walsh was on fire all weekend.. whipped and then some. All photos Nick Gascoine.

The crew absolutely banded together to make it happen - if you haven't listened to the recap Back Bone Zone podcast episode then jump over there to hear it first hand.

With media coming out from all over the internet from Vans Australia and Vans BMX, as well as long time supporter Colony BMX, it's only fair to showcase some amazing shots that our good friend Nick Gascoine shot while documenting the event. 

I think it'd be fair to say that it's been the most memorable ACT Jam event yet, thanks to all who braved the forecast and made it to Canberra believing that the jam was going ahead.

Big thanks to Vans, BentSpoke Brewing Co., NBD Constructions, Universal Ramps and Wethepeople for helping out as major partners this year. Epic.

We have an official video coming out later this week, so be on the lookout.  

- Tyson

Josh Dove BMX High Air

Josh Dove legitimately got told by the venue staff to not go so high because the roof can't handle it.. Into the rafters. High air winner.

Jimmah X-ride

Street ledge best trick, gap to X-Ride. Jimmah!

Young rider oscar BMX jump

Not just for the pros, the next gen were in full force on the course, with some extra ramps to keep them busy when the course was occupied. Oscar, jumpin!

Luke Tooze griz

Luke Tooze came across from West Oz and ripped alllll weekend. Might've owned the 'most laps' award unofficially. Big giz on the big quarter.

Josh and Luke

Josh Clemens from Fast and Loose and Luke share the stoke.

Corey Walsh ACT Jam BMX whip

Corey Walsh was putting on a show all weekend.. Fast and smooth, and whipped.

J Dogg table

Speaking of shredding all weekend, it was awesome to have QLD's Jayden 'J Dogg' Fuller here again for another ACT Jam. He was straight up shredding! Big table.

Girls BMX crew

Some of the girls BMX crew that were shredding over the weekend, enjoying post-ride Bentspokes and relishing in the stoke that is riding in front of a large crowd while it pours rain outside. Annie, Sarah and Sarah.


It seems very fitting that a Summernats shirt made an appearance.. This is the same venue that hosts the car event every year.

Shane Ellis

Another one of WA's finest, Shane Ellis made it across to the east coast and went higher and further than most. A contender in the high air and long jump.. Shane RIPS.

Jaxon Philp bmx act jam

Young Jaxon has been coming to ACT jam since I think he was in single digits. He's 13 now and shreds harder than ever.

Josh Dove ACT Jam 360

So incredible to watch Josh Dove ride - he made everything he did look too effortless. 360 one foot table (perfect Vans product placement too, haha)

Tyson table

I got to ride a bit both days, stoked to ride the best quarter ever for a few laps!

Samual Grace 900 ACT Jam 2022

One banged 900/540 flair, Samual Grace givin' it some and living to tell the tale. So badass.

Corey Walsh air ACT Jam 2022

Ridiculous height air from Corey Walsh. 14ft above.

Josh Dove long jump act jam 2022

From memory, this was a keg off the limit on the long keg jump at ACT Jam. The fact that Josh Dove did a huge no hander over this length was INSANE. Corey and Josh battled it out and tied it up. It was crazy.

Long jump push backPush the landing back! Long jump helpers.

Josh hugA relieved Josh Dove gets the love from the crowd after clearing the long jump.  

October 18, 2022 — Tyson Jones-Peni