End of Daylight Savings Jam and a farewell jam coming up

End of Daylight Savings Jam and a farewell jam coming up

Summer just finished up, although it's still as warm as ever here - we're going to be holding an end of daylight savings jam to squeeze every bit of juice out of the long, warm days while it lasts.

end of daylight savings bmx jam canberra

DAYLIGHT SAVINGS BMX JAM: Weston skatepark, April 1st. 4pm - Late.

Plenty of different prizes up for grabs from a lot of epic sponsors, start planning your trip to Canberra!

While on the jam subject, one of our long time supporters and mates, Liam O'Connell, has a farewell jam on next Friday at Gungahlin. It's gonna be a fun one, make sure you get there!

canberra bmx jam

March 03, 2023 — Tyson Jones-Peni
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Tyson's signature Wethepeople Chaos Machine bike check; a freestyle BMX disc brake frame setup.

Tyson's signature Wethepeople Chaos Machine bike check; a freestyle BMX disc brake frame setup.

Tyson has been working with Wethepeople on his signature frame soon after joining the WTP team in 2020.. and it's finally here, as well as his signature @Eclat BMX Exile seat.

Tyson built it up and took it straight to the park for first laps, then gives his thoughts on his brand new ride.. the Wethepeople Chaos Machine.

Tyson wanted to bring the disc brake feel to his signature frame and Wethepeople made it happen, which he is fairly certain is the first production freestyle frame with a disc mount.. Built for what Tyson likes to ride; the trails and big transition riding.

'Big thanks to Wethepeople and Eclat for the opportunity and the new parts, stoked!' - Tyson Jones-Peni

November 11, 2022 — Tyson Jones-Peni
ACT Jam 2022 official video

ACT Jam 2022 official video

After watching last year's ACT Jam video that was made by attendee Aidan Rice, we contacted him to make us an official video for 2022. Aidan went above and beyond this year and absolutely smashed it with the video you see below. Watch it a million times and get stoked to count down the days until next year.

For those that don't know, ACT Jam is run by FACT BMX Club, which was started by us in 2011. We are lucky to have a rad committee this year that helped out a bunch, thanks to all involved.

We are hoping to create an even bigger and more powerful BMX club with Club Back Bone, so that we can build the BMX scene even bigger than ever, so please consider jumping on and becoming a member here:


We also had local legends Lucifungus play on day one - you've probably heard their music on many of our web videos, so make sure you hit their bandcamp up and play their music LOUD.

Vans Presents ACT Jam 2022

Major Partners:

With Support From:

October 21, 2022 — Tyson Jones-Peni
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Corey Walsh BMX whip ACT Jam 2022

ACT Jam 2022 Photo Gallery

ACT Jam 2022 was bananas!

Above: Corey Walsh was on fire all weekend.. whipped and then some. All photos Nick Gascoine.

The crew absolutely banded together to make it happen - if you haven't listened to the recap Back Bone Zone podcast episode then jump over there to hear it first hand.

With media coming out from all over the internet from Vans Australia and Vans BMX, as well as long time supporter Colony BMX, it's only fair to showcase some amazing shots that our good friend Nick Gascoine shot while documenting the event. 

I think it'd be fair to say that it's been the most memorable ACT Jam event yet, thanks to all who braved the forecast and made it to Canberra believing that the jam was going ahead.

Big thanks to Vans, BentSpoke Brewing Co., NBD Constructions, Universal Ramps and Wethepeople for helping out as major partners this year. Epic.

We have an official video coming out later this week, so be on the lookout.  

- Tyson

Josh Dove BMX High Air

Josh Dove legitimately got told by the venue staff to not go so high because the roof can't handle it.. Into the rafters. High air winner.

Jimmah X-ride

Street ledge best trick, gap to X-Ride. Jimmah!

Young rider oscar BMX jump

Not just for the pros, the next gen were in full force on the course, with some extra ramps to keep them busy when the course was occupied. Oscar, jumpin!

Luke Tooze griz

Luke Tooze came across from West Oz and ripped alllll weekend. Might've owned the 'most laps' award unofficially. Big giz on the big quarter.

Josh and Luke

Josh Clemens from Fast and Loose and Luke share the stoke.

Corey Walsh ACT Jam BMX whip

Corey Walsh was putting on a show all weekend.. Fast and smooth, and whipped.

J Dogg table

Speaking of shredding all weekend, it was awesome to have QLD's Jayden 'J Dogg' Fuller here again for another ACT Jam. He was straight up shredding! Big table.

Girls BMX crew

Some of the girls BMX crew that were shredding over the weekend, enjoying post-ride Bentspokes and relishing in the stoke that is riding in front of a large crowd while it pours rain outside. Annie, Sarah and Sarah.


It seems very fitting that a Summernats shirt made an appearance.. This is the same venue that hosts the car event every year.

Shane Ellis

Another one of WA's finest, Shane Ellis made it across to the east coast and went higher and further than most. A contender in the high air and long jump.. Shane RIPS.

Jaxon Philp bmx act jam

Young Jaxon has been coming to ACT jam since I think he was in single digits. He's 13 now and shreds harder than ever.

Josh Dove ACT Jam 360

So incredible to watch Josh Dove ride - he made everything he did look too effortless. 360 one foot table (perfect Vans product placement too, haha)

Tyson table

I got to ride a bit both days, stoked to ride the best quarter ever for a few laps!

Samual Grace 900 ACT Jam 2022

One banged 900/540 flair, Samual Grace givin' it some and living to tell the tale. So badass.

Corey Walsh air ACT Jam 2022

Ridiculous height air from Corey Walsh. 14ft above.

Josh Dove long jump act jam 2022

From memory, this was a keg off the limit on the long keg jump at ACT Jam. The fact that Josh Dove did a huge no hander over this length was INSANE. Corey and Josh battled it out and tied it up. It was crazy.

Long jump push backPush the landing back! Long jump helpers.

Josh hugA relieved Josh Dove gets the love from the crowd after clearing the long jump.  

October 18, 2022 — Tyson Jones-Peni
act jam 2022 2 epic days

ACT Jam 2022 times and locations change

It's going to be an EPIC two days.. Literally! 

A little rain isn't going to stop us. This is actually one of the reasons why it's called the ACT Jam. It's about taking ACTion to make BMX sick, no matter the variables.

7/10: Belconnen 4pm start (Lighthouse Pub Birthday Day for Chris James)
8/10: EPIC Fitzroy Pavilion 2pm start
9/10: EPIC Fitzroy Pavilion 12pm start

Make sure you register to ride! This is through AusCycling and covers your insurance and public liability.


All riders must be registered to ride/take part in prize money and EPIC event before 2pm October 9th 2022.

Details for rider sign-up when creating profile in link below:

  1. Find the 'Open Now! Click to enter' button
  2. Fill out personal information
  3. Under 'Membership type / governing body, if you do not have an AusCycling membership, choose 'N/A'
  4. Under 'club' type 'Freestyle ACT BMX Club'
  5. Create Profile - non AusCycling members pay $15 for insurance, AusCycling members $5. 

 act jam 2021 register

Vans presents ACT Jam 2022

act jam 2022

October 05, 2022 — Tyson Jones-Peni
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act jam 2022 top flyer

ACT Jam 2022 Full Details

ACT Jam 2022 is here!

First thing's first.. Make sure you register to ride! This is through AusCycling and covers your insurance and public liability.

All riders must be registered to ride/take part in prize money and EPIC event before 2pm October 9th 2022.

Details for rider sign-up when creating profile in link below:

  1. Find the 'Open Now! Click to enter' button
  2. Fill out personal information
  3. Under 'Membership type / governing body, if you do not have an AusCycling membership, choose 'N/A'
  4. Under 'club' type 'Freestyle ACT BMX Club'
  5. Create Profile - non AusCycling members pay $15 for insurance, AusCycling members $5. 

 act jam 2021 register

Vans presents ACT Jam 2022

Major Partners:

With Support From:


October 7 – Belconnen skatepark – 4pm start

Kicking things off at the biggest skatepark in Canberra.

October 8 – Gungahlin skatepark – 10am start

You've never seen Gungahlin skatepark like this before..

October 8 – 'The Streets' – 3pm start

We’re dropping a pin for those who attend the first stops, so you can join us for Australia's biggest street ride.. It's an epic loop with a few highlight spots.. Expect best trick cash for a few spots on the way.

October 9 – EPIC Fitzroy Pavilion – 2pm start

Known for Summernats, EPIC (Exhibition Park in Canberra) will be home to ACT Jam's first indoor BMX session. Custom built ramps for one day only, expect to see serious cash given up for all sorts of different challenges.

The EPIC stop will be available for anyone to ride, we will be there until 9pm. Expect the beers flowing from BentSpoke, as well as some epic food on hand, music from some rad bands and much more. This is gonna be EPIC..

act jam 2022 details

September 28, 2022 — Tyson Jones-Peni
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will kerr bmx bowl wallride

The Will Kerr Podcast extras - Back Bone Zone episode 19

will kerr bmx indoor bowl

Will ripping around the curve wall. Photos: Tyson JP

Spent a day last week with my good mate Will Kerr in Young, NSW. It's been well over a decade since I first made my way to his (parents) backyard to ride the trails that he and younger brother Chris built.

Countless more trips out, and many years later, I've watched Will chip away at creating not only a banging set of trails, but one of the sickest ramp setups I've seen in a backyard.. maybe anywhere, for that matter.

I wanted to sit down with him to talk about that in the Back Bone Zone podcast, but hell, we just had so much to talk about that we barely skimmed the surface. So he'll be back on the podcast for sure.

I shot some extra photos of Will's indoor setup, with Will riding it, to give a little context to the podcast for those who haven't been.

Give the poddy a listen and get planning for how you can create your own BMX paradise.

- Tyson 

will kerr portrait bmx indoor bowl

The man with the plan.. Build your own scene.

will kerr table bmx indoor bowlWill Kerr folded and holdin!

will kerr bmx bikeLove watching Will ride this place, the lines are multiple and effortless.. Two bikes for two applications.. Listen to more about that in the podcast.

will kerr x up air bmxWrapping up the x-up before heading into another line. 


September 21, 2022 — Tyson Jones-Peni
ACT Jam 2022 Locations Revealed

ACT Jam 2022 Locations Revealed

act jam 2022 locations

ACT Jam 2022 is a month away and we have the locations revealed!

October 7 @ 4pm: Belconnen skatepark

October 8 @ 10am: Gungahlin skatepark

October 8 @ 3pm: The Streets (location to be revealed closer to date)

October 9 @ 2pm: E.P.I.C.

Vans has also come on board as the major partner for #actjam2022 - so you know this year is gonna be EPIC - and with the last location, you can bet on it!

More details to come next week.

September 09, 2022 — Tyson Jones-Peni
Tags: act jam
Baxter Maiwald wallride Will Kerr bowl jam

Building an amazing indoor backyard bowl - Valley View jam 2021 video

Above: Baxter Maiwald up in those rafters. Photo: Tyson JP

You'd be hard pressed to find something more inspiring to watch than this video from the Valley View Jam in 2021.

Will Kerr has built a yearly jam that has happened since 2008 into something that has evolved into him and his brother Chris creating one of the most badass scenes in Australia. They've evolved the trails in their parents backyard to include some savage 30 foot sets and 10 foot lips. Over the years, Will has bought his own place with his partner Helen and what started off as a humble shed, has evolved into one of the best indoor setups I've ever seen.

Built with the homies AKA the stayers, Will's bowl is next level - a true display of the DIY ethic taken to the next level.

Valley View 2021 was captured by none other than James Fox and the jam focused on getting the shed and the trails to the next level. 

This video captures one hell of a vibe - the grin is ear to ear on this one for sure.

Watch it and get stoked to maybe, one day, built your own backyard paradise.

August 02, 2022 — Tyson Jones-Peni
School holiday BMX coaching and more in Canberra

School holiday BMX coaching and more in Canberra

As always, the school holiday BMX freestyle coaching is rolling again for the winter holidays! Check the flyer below for times and locations - and if you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact us via the text app in the bottom right of our site.


  • Mondays @ Gungahlin skatepark
  • Wednesdays @ Belconnen skatepark
  • Fridays @ Weston Creek skatepark


  • 9am - 10am: Foundation (beginner level)
  • 10am - 11am: Improver (level 2)


  • $20 (cash payable on the day)

school holiday bmx coaching canberra

We also spent a bit of time creating this guide to riding BMX in Canberra. We are pretty excited to have made this video. Canberra is an amazing place to ride and everything is so close - we literally travelled all across Canberra to many of the parks in one day.

When looking for fun things to do in Canberra for kids, riding BMX has got to be up there as one of the best things to do.. it's free, it's physical activity, it's a positive community. What's not to love!?

Those who are new to BMX in Canberra wouldn't know there is so many different spots to ride, so if you love the video, please share it around.

Bonus inside knowledge: For the Youtube thumbnail, Tyson got to ride our portable box jump out the front of Parliament House, as he was helping ex-BMX Olympian Caroline Buchanan with the box jump for a photoshoot she was doing. Tyson got two jumps in on the box, to show Caroline the speed needed to clear it, before he was shut down by the Federal Police.

Turns out Caroline had strict clearance for riding out the front of Parliament House, but definitely not Tyson.. Once in a lifetime opportunity!

Tyson BMX Canberra Parliament House

The YouTube thumbnail was the first jump, this no hander from Tyson was the second jump at Parliament House in Canberra, before he was shut down..

July 04, 2022 — Tyson Jones-Peni
Jonny Mackellar BMX Video - A Week in Winter

Jonny Mackellar BMX Video - A Week in Winter

We had the pleasure of hosting QLDer and Back Bone team rider Jon Mackellar over the first couple of weeks of winter here in Canberra.

It was the sickest time! Jonny is a freak rider - despite it being freezing cold, Jonny brought his longest socks and thickest shorts and went bananas at each and every spot we went to.

We hit some lesser ridden spots throughout Canberra, as well as travelling out to Young to ride Will Kerr's spot during his annual June Jam. 

Enjoy the vid!

Film/edit: Tyson Jones-Peni

Charlotte & The Harlots
'Hit The Limit'
Everything You Are To Me

June 23, 2022 — Tyson Jones-Peni
back bone bmx video albury skatepark

Bowl roaming south of the border (Video)

Bowls just keep getting built all over, and it's our duty to get there to ride them! The boys Danny Stevenson, Will Gunn and Arthur Birbilopoulos got out on the last weekend of Autumn and headed south to Albury to ride the new park and bowl there. This kicked off a whole weekend of bowl roaming, which saw them head down into Victoria, where they got a taste for a lotta 'crete, including an amazing DIY spot.

They came back with some epic footage and Danny edited it up quick smart, which is what you see below.

We have a few exciting things planned for the near future, so be sure to keep an eye out for your next roadtrip.. Coming up late July!

See you then. But for now - watch the vid!

June 02, 2022 — Tyson Jones-Peni