ACT Jam 2023 Recap + Photo Gallery - Back Bone BMX

ACT Jam 2023 Recap + Photo Gallery

The biggest BMX event of the year in Australia is over for another year

It's been just over a month since ACT Jam 2023. It was the best one yet. Big trails, epic street course and a ripper video premiere of the top 8 videos...

December 16, 2023 — Tyson Jones-Peni
New BMX Trails at Stromlo Forest Park, ready for ACT JAM 2023 - Back Bone BMX

New BMX Trails at Stromlo Forest Park, ready for ACT JAM 2023

An ELITE BMX dirt facility ready for ACT Jam 2023 November 10-12, which will stay at Stromlo Forest Park as a permanent fixture of the park, alongside a beginner BMX tabletop line....
August 08, 2023 — Tyson Jones-Peni
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The annual Valley View BMX trails jam - Back Bone BMX

The annual Valley View BMX trails jam

..Will and his brother Chris have turned this jam into an annual, must go-to event. If you're lucky enough for the invite (and we consider ourselves lucky), you are treated to a fun set of BMX trails, that can be as tame as you like, or as fierce as it gets - thanks to Will's commitment to providing fun progression throughout the various lines....
June 20, 2023 — Tyson Jones-Peni
Building an amazing indoor backyard bowl - Valley View jam 2021 video - Back Bone BMX

Building an amazing indoor backyard bowl - Valley View jam 2021 video

Above: Baxter Maiwald up in those rafters. Photo: Tyson JP

You'd be hard pressed to find something more inspiring to watch than this video from the Valley View Jam in 2021.

Will Kerr has built a yearly jam that has happened since 2008 into something that has evolved into him and his brother Chris creating one of the most badass scenes in Australia. They've evolved the trails in their parents backyard to include some savage 30 foot sets and 10 foot lips. Over the years, Will has bought his own place with his partner Helen and what started off as a humble shed, has evolved into one of the best indoor setups I've ever seen.

Built with the homies AKA the stayers, Will's bowl is next level - a true display of the DIY ethic taken to the next level.

Valley View 2021 was captured by none other than James Fox and the jam focused on getting the shed and the trails to the next level. 

This video captures one hell of a vibe - the grin is ear to ear on this one for sure.

Watch it and get stoked to maybe, one day, built your own backyard paradise.

August 02, 2022 — Tyson Jones-Peni
School holiday BMX coaching and more in Canberra - Back Bone BMX

School holiday BMX coaching and more in Canberra

As always, the school holiday BMX freestyle coaching is rolling again for the winter holidays! Check the flyer below for times and locations - and if you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact us via the text app in the bottom right of our site.


  • Mondays @ Gungahlin skatepark
  • Wednesdays @ Belconnen skatepark
  • Fridays @ Weston Creek skatepark


  • 9am - 10am: Foundation (beginner level)
  • 10am - 11am: Improver (level 2)


  • $20 (cash payable on the day)

school holiday bmx coaching canberra

We also spent a bit of time creating this guide to riding BMX in Canberra. We are pretty excited to have made this video. Canberra is an amazing place to ride and everything is so close - we literally travelled all across Canberra to many of the parks in one day.

When looking for fun things to do in Canberra for kids, riding BMX has got to be up there as one of the best things to do.. it's free, it's physical activity, it's a positive community. What's not to love!?

Those who are new to BMX in Canberra wouldn't know there is so many different spots to ride, so if you love the video, please share it around.

Bonus inside knowledge: For the Youtube thumbnail, Tyson got to ride our portable box jump out the front of Parliament House, as he was helping ex-BMX Olympian Caroline Buchanan with the box jump for a photoshoot she was doing. Tyson got two jumps in on the box, to show Caroline the speed needed to clear it, before he was shut down by the Federal Police.

Turns out Caroline had strict clearance for riding out the front of Parliament House, but definitely not Tyson.. Once in a lifetime opportunity!

Tyson BMX Canberra Parliament House

The YouTube thumbnail was the first jump, this no hander from Tyson was the second jump at Parliament House in Canberra, before he was shut down..

July 04, 2022 — Tyson Jones-Peni
Jonny Mackellar BMX Video - A Week in Winter - Back Bone BMX

Jonny Mackellar BMX Video - A Week in Winter

We had the pleasure of hosting QLDer and Back Bone team rider Jon Mackellar over the first couple of weeks of winter here in Canberra.

It was the sickest time! Jonny is a freak rider - despite it being freezing cold, Jonny brought his longest socks and thickest shorts and went bananas at each and every spot we went to.

We hit some lesser ridden spots throughout Canberra, as well as travelling out to Young to ride Will Kerr's spot during his annual June Jam. 

Enjoy the vid!

Film/edit: Tyson Jones-Peni

Charlotte & The Harlots
'Hit The Limit'
Everything You Are To Me

June 23, 2022 — Tyson Jones-Peni
Legless as - Rhysty's 46th Birthday BMX trail jam - Back Bone BMX

Legless as - Rhysty's 46th Birthday BMX trail jam

We all got legless as on the weekend to celebrate Back Bone head honcho Rhysty's 46th birthday. Legless line at the trails is a fun one, that's for sure.

Made even more fun with some laps for the birthday trail boss!

Shout out to the homies who dig at the trails.

Filmed/edited by Tyson Jones-Peni 

May 10, 2022 — Tyson Jones-Peni
The Best F***ing BMX video from the best F***ing dude - Jonny Mackellar - Back Bone BMX

The Best F***ing BMX video from the best F***ing dude - Jonny Mackellar

This video from S&M Bikes featuring our mate Jonny Mackellar is exactly the reason why BMX is so awesome.

Jonny has been a source of inspiration for us for many years now. Jonny lives in such an authentic way, that is hard to define, unless you've met him.

If you haven't met Jonny, then hopefully after watch his S&M 'Best F***ing edit ever' video, you'll get a glimpse of his authenticity that oozes out through his riding.

Jonny does whatever he wants - if he likes the way a trick feels, he'll do it, regardless of whether it's a typical 'stylish' trick, or a heavy stunt like a 720. He doesn't confine himself to one type of riding either. While you might think of Jonny as a trails guy, if he feels like riding street, he'll do that, too. 

He'll ride all sorts of different bike setups, he'll put brakes on or take them off. He's just the dude who wants to have a good time riding BMX and isn't concerned about pigeon-holing himself to being a certain type of rider.

All of these things should be apparent after you watch the video below.

But what you don't see is Jonny's commitment to building and stoking out his local scene. Most of the trail spots in this video are built by, or with, Jon. He is always running jams. Even though he rides for us, he shows up and helps with other BMX shop jams (like his brother's shop Blue Groove), because he knows that supporting the scene is important.

You always get us stoked Jonny, congrats on bringing out the best f***ing edit ever.

One last thing.

Scott Irvine was one of the nicest and realest guys around and I'm so glad that we got to know each other. Scott offered to take Rhys and I up to Snakewoods from Brisbane a few years ago, which is a 3+ hour drive. The amazing thing about that is, Scott was injured and couldn't/didn't even ride - he very generously took us up for the hell of it, and for the love of hanging out at the trails.

After a memorable day at the trails, we had to be back in the afternoon so that Rhys could catch his flight, but got caught in a savage traffic jam that made that 3 hour trip more like 5 hours, so needless to say, the flight was missed. Scott kept his cool in the traffic, and with his dry sense of humour, kept us all laughing too. It was a really cool way to strengthen a friendship, sitting in a car going nowhere and talking trash. I'll never forget that, and I know by how generous, kind and authentic you were that you inspired a lot of people, Jonny included. I wish I could've said that while you were around. Hope you're resting easy, mate.

- Tyson

Jon Mackellar 360 table

Jon Mackellar Young BMX dirt portrait

Jonny Mackellar is the best. Photos: Tyson JP

March 29, 2022 — Tyson Jones-Peni
The best trails video in a while - S&M Bikes Dirt Rules video is awesome - Back Bone BMX

The best trails video in a while - S&M Bikes Dirt Rules video is awesome

It's hard to imagine a more fitting BMX video for this current climate than the recently released 'Dirt Rules' S&M Bikes flick.

We've been in multiple lockdowns, skatepark closures, travel restrictions and more over the last couple of years.

One thing that did flourish over this time is the building of trails and the trail scene in general. While there was plenty to gripe about in regards to BMX and Covid, the trail builder saw it as an opportunity to dive into the woods and get it done with an even more laser focus.

Dirt Rules is both a celebration of those whose time was spent building at the trails, while simultaneously celebrating the reward of sharing them with your mates when the time came for the world to open up once more.

There's a lot more to BMX than just the act of riding BMX and this video from S&M Bikes is a reminder of exactly what makes it so awesome.

A big pat on the back is deserved for those diggers of the spots on the video for making this whole video possible. Inspiration comes from this crew in spades.

Give yourself 45 minutes, figure out a way to watch this on a bigger screen if you can, and get really stoked to pick up a shovel and make things happen - cause Dirt Rules!


Jay Lonergan and Chris Moeller BMX

Posh royalty J-Bones and the Mad Dog Chris Moeller walking back to the top, Back Bone style.

March 23, 2022 — Tyson Jones-Peni