This video from S&M Bikes featuring our mate Jonny Mackellar is exactly the reason why BMX is so awesome.

Jonny has been a source of inspiration for us for many years now. Jonny lives in such an authentic way, that is hard to define, unless you've met him.

If you haven't met Jonny, then hopefully after watch his S&M 'Best F***ing edit ever' video, you'll get a glimpse of his authenticity that oozes out through his riding.

Jonny does whatever he wants - if he likes the way a trick feels, he'll do it, regardless of whether it's a typical 'stylish' trick, or a heavy stunt like a 720. He doesn't confine himself to one type of riding either. While you might think of Jonny as a trails guy, if he feels like riding street, he'll do that, too. 

He'll ride all sorts of different bike setups, he'll put brakes on or take them off. He's just the dude who wants to have a good time riding BMX and isn't concerned about pigeon-holing himself to being a certain type of rider.

All of these things should be apparent after you watch the video below.

But what you don't see is Jonny's commitment to building and stoking out his local scene. Most of the trail spots in this video are built by, or with, Jon. He is always running jams. Even though he rides for us, he shows up and helps with other BMX shop jams (like his brother's shop Blue Groove), because he knows that supporting the scene is important.

You always get us stoked Jonny, congrats on bringing out the best f***ing edit ever.

One last thing.

Scott Irvine was one of the nicest and realest guys around and I'm so glad that we got to know each other. Scott offered to take Rhys and I up to Snakewoods from Brisbane a few years ago, which is a 3+ hour drive. The amazing thing about that is, Scott was injured and couldn't/didn't even ride - he very generously took us up for the hell of it, and for the love of hanging out at the trails.

After a memorable day at the trails, we had to be back in the afternoon so that Rhys could catch his flight, but got caught in a savage traffic jam that made that 3 hour trip more like 5 hours, so needless to say, the flight was missed. Scott kept his cool in the traffic, and with his dry sense of humour, kept us all laughing too. It was a really cool way to strengthen a friendship, sitting in a car going nowhere and talking trash. I'll never forget that, and I know by how generous, kind and authentic you were that you inspired a lot of people, Jonny included. I wish I could've said that while you were around. Hope you're resting easy, mate.

- Tyson

Jon Mackellar 360 table

Jon Mackellar Young BMX dirt portrait

Jonny Mackellar is the best. Photos: Tyson JP

March 29, 2022 — Tyson Jones-Peni