It's hard to imagine a more fitting BMX video for this current climate than the recently released 'Dirt Rules' S&M Bikes flick.

We've been in multiple lockdowns, skatepark closures, travel restrictions and more over the last couple of years.

One thing that did flourish over this time is the building of trails and the trail scene in general. While there was plenty to gripe about in regards to BMX and Covid, the trail builder saw it as an opportunity to dive into the woods and get it done with an even more laser focus.

Dirt Rules is both a celebration of those whose time was spent building at the trails, while simultaneously celebrating the reward of sharing them with your mates when the time came for the world to open up once more.

There's a lot more to BMX than just the act of riding BMX and this video from S&M Bikes is a reminder of exactly what makes it so awesome.

A big pat on the back is deserved for those diggers of the spots on the video for making this whole video possible. Inspiration comes from this crew in spades.

Give yourself 45 minutes, figure out a way to watch this on a bigger screen if you can, and get really stoked to pick up a shovel and make things happen - cause Dirt Rules!


Jay Lonergan and Chris Moeller BMX

Posh royalty J-Bones and the Mad Dog Chris Moeller walking back to the top, Back Bone style.

March 23, 2022 — Tyson Jones-Peni