Cyclone Square Mouth Shovel - Size 0

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It's no secret that we like trails at Back Bone. Not only do we like trails, but we spend most of our free time building trails.

Through all of our years of building, we've found what works and through a lot of trying, we are now finally able to offer up the best trail building shovel on the market - the Cyclone Square Mouth size 0 shovel.

The Cyclone square mouth size 0 shovel is the tool you need to dial in your trails.. For those who are just looking to start building, here's some of the features:

  • Size 0 225mm x 280mm head is more precise than larger head square mouth shovels (better for packing/buttering lips & landings)
  • Long timber handle for more leverage and less back ache

If you're looking to dig a lot of dirt from the ground, the square mouth isn't ideal, but for stacking, shaping and scraping, the Cyclone Square Mouth shovel will have your back.

Ditch the idea of the short handled, shiny chrome shovel at your local hardware and get your hands on a Cyclone.

The size 0 square mouth Cyclone is one of the hardest shovels to find, but you'll get it here.

NOTE: The green paint on the head of the shovel does allow dirt to stick to the back of the head easier, with use the paint will disappear and your shovel will work a lot better! Or you can sand/paint strip it.

Customer Reviews

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Harrison Fuller

Best shovel for building jumps hands down and even better that a sick shop like backbone stock them!