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S&M BMX Bikes Australia team rider Will Gunn

S&M Bikes is known for making high quality BMX products!

S&M Bikes is one of the first 'rider owned' BMX companies, known for making high quality, USA made BMX parts.

Founded mid 1987 by friends Greg "Scott" Swingrover (the "S" in S&M) and Chris "Mad Dog" Moeller (the "M" in S&M), S&M BMX was created to craft BMX bikes that could handle the use and abuse the founders and their friends were dishing out.

Since the 1980s, the S&M Bikes team has included a bunch of BMX hall of famers. Well-respected names like Dave Clymer, Sean Butler, Troy McMurray, Josh Stricker and Matt Beringer have adorned the S&M Bikes Shield, while more recently the addition of the S&M Credence crew with trail building legends Clint Reynolds, Matty Aquizap and James P. Nutter reviving a serious trails and dirt feel into the iconic BMX brand.

In 2023, the S&M Bikes team has none other than Chris Doyle repping the Shield, as well as Back Bone BMX team rider Will Gunn getting keys to every city that he shows up in.

Back Bone BMX co-owner Rhys Williams has been on an S&M BMX racing tear for years now, proudly stepping on top of the podium while riding the S&M Steel Panther frame - a chromoly BMX race frame in a sea of carbon and alloy.

S&M frames are USA made BMX frames that are treasured around the world. We send S&M Bikes Australia wide.