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Grace and Style With a White BMX Bike

Do you live and breathe BMX? Are you desperate to get into freestyle or racing? Here at Back Bone BMX, we offer 1-on-1 freestyle BMX coaching in Canberra from our very own AusCycling accredited BMX coach Tyson Jones-Peni. With over 20 years of riding experience and a decade of coaching, he can help build your confidence if you are new to freestyle BMX riding or get you up to scratch, so you are confident to enter competition-level riding.

We understand that it's not all just about how well you ride, you want to feel part of the BMX scene too, be part of its culture and community, so you also need to look the part. Nowadays BMXs for sale come in all shapes and forms, to fit all sizes and levels of riding, and choosing the right bike and colour is not always an easy decision. Whether you choose a blue, green BMX bikes or white BMX bike, we know that with our help you will have an awesome time whether you prefer to do BMX dirt jumps or simply want to go out with your mates for some crazy fun and improve your fitness. Once you jump into that BMX lifestyle you'll never want to jump out, and we're here to ensure you have everything you need on your BMX journey. Read More

Ready to Have the Ride Of Your Life? Choose an All White BMX Bike

We stock the most recognized hardcore BMX brands in today's market, but with so much to choose from deciding what you want can be confusing. Good news - we're here to help! Our team of expert BMX bike riders are ready to help you get the right size, style and colour to suit your needs.

We've got race bikes, dirt jumper bikes, and bikes to suit beginners right through to advanced levels. Our bike sizing guide will help you decide the size you need, so all you have to think about is whether you want your bike to be Cardinal BMX blue bikes, Cobalt Green, or an eye-catching all white BMX bike.

Join the amazing BMX community today, you can even become a member of our Club Back Bone and get 5% off everything when you shop with us!

Back Bone BMX - Not Just Your Average BMX Shop

Back Bone BMX has been a success ever since it started back in 2005. Created by lifelong BMX rider Rhys Williams it always has the rider's interest at heart. Rhys has always had a deep involvement in the BMX community and was a respected trail builder worldwide.

Apart from being just about the coolest BMX shop on the planet, Back Bone BMX stocks a large range of all the latest products from respected brands in the BMX community. We provide detailed product info and continuity of supply, so our customers can access high-end parts and accessories whenever they need them.

It is never cool to use worn, or cheaper, less reputable products - it doesn't look good and it can be dangerous. We believe BMX riding makes you a better person all round, and we aim to provide top-quality green BMX bike, products and accessories for everyone. Read Less