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Find What You Need with Our Wide Selection of BMX Seat Posts

Looking to replace or purchase a BMX seat post? You're in luck: we've got a selection of our tried-and-tested seat posts. The seat posts come in a range of styles, sizes and brands (including Redline BMX bike), so you'll be sure to find the right one for your needs.

Though the seat post might not be the flashiest part of the BMX bike, a good seat post will never let you down - the last thing you want to do is have your seat fly off when you're on the trails. Our seat posts are also a good way to add a pop of colour to your purple BMX bikes.

Though there's no ideal seat post - it will depend on your preferred rise in seat, length etc. - we've made it as easy as possible to find the best possible one for you - click on each product to read more about it. Read More

A High-Quality BMX Pivotal Seat Post Goes a Long Way

Introducing our cutting-edge BMX seat posts, which are all designed to optimise your performance, enhance your comfort, and give you the competitive edge on any terrain.

Our BMX Seat Posts all offer these features:

Performance-driven design

With our BMX pivotal seat post, you'll experience unparalleled control and responsiveness in your dirt BMX bike, elevating your riding experience to new heights. Don't waste your time with low-quality parts that fall off every time you try a manoveure - choose better, you won't regret it.

Enhanced Durability

Built to withstand the demands of intense BMX riding, our seat posts - and all of our bike parts - boast exceptional durability. Constructed from high-grade materials, they're built to withstand the toughest landings, heaviest impacts, and most relentless trails, ensuring they stand the test of time. Say goodbye to worrying about your equipment and focus on having fun and pushing your limits.

Customisable Comfort

We understand that comfort plays a crucial role in your BMX experience. That's why the seat posts offer adjustable features, allowing you to fine-tune the angle, position and height of the seat to perfectly suit your preferences. Achieve the perfect fit, maintain optimal riding posture, and confidently conquer any terrain.


Stand out from the crowd with Back Bone BMX's sleek and stylish seat posts. Available in various vibrant colours and finishes, they add a touch of personality to your BMX setup. Express your unique style and make a statement while making the most out of your equipment.

Questions? We're Here to Help

We would never sell you something that we wouldn't use ourselves: each of our products has been vetted by us, as well as widely used in the BMX community. These seat posts are street-smart, tough and reliable - just as you'd expect.

If you have any questions about which seat post is most suitable for your bike, get in touch - we're always happy to help. We also offer a generous return policy to ensure that you get the right parts you need for your bike.

We also offer seat clamps and seats that will work in tandem with our seat posts.

Looking for something but can't see it here? Contact us and we can point you in the right direction including our range of BMX helmets in Australia. Read Less