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Advantages Of Light BMX Bikes

The weight of a BMX bike can influence your speed to a great extent, and lightweight BMX bikes are considered to be more efficient because apart from being more nimble and easier to carry, they will accelerate much faster than a heavier bike. They are also easier for new riders to handle because they require less energy and effort to peddle and get to grips with new tricks.

If you are looking to compete in BMX racing, then a light BMX bike will be more suitable for competition purposes due to its speed. However, the durability of a bike is perhaps of most importance, and you can rest assured that here at Back Bone BMX we only stock high-end products and the most recognized hardcore BMX brands in today's market, so you can be confident that whatever your choice of BMX bikes for sale, it will serve you well.

Being BMX obsessed ourselves, we understand just how stoked you want to feel with your bike, and we know how important upgrading bike parts and being able to get the coolest accessories are. Let's be honest, BMX is in our blood! So rest assured that at Back Bone BMX you'll find everything you could possibly need because we're just about the coolest shop on planet Earth! Read More

Looking For A Lightweight BMX Bike For Adults?

Just because riding BMX bikes is great fun, increases your fitness, introduces you to new friends and adventures and allows you to become part of a passionate community of like-minded people, doesn't mean it's just for kids.

If you are looking to start your BMX journey, or perhaps you've seen what an awesome time your kids are having and you want to join them, check out our unique BMX bike sizing guide on our website and start your adventure on a lightweight BMX bike for adults. You're never too old to learn, so don't let the kids have all the fun!

So Much More Than Just Riding A Lightweight Bike

What most people love about the BMX scene is it's so much more than just about the ride. There is a whole community and culture behind it, and that is what is so addictive to many. And that's why at Back Bone BMX we are so much more than just a bike shop.

We stock all the latest products from the top respected brands, and cover everything from BMX bikes in purple and parts, to all the clothing and accessories you need, safety gear, shoes, bags and hats, and we even offer coaching sessions - group or 1-to-1 - so beginners and seasoned riders alike can improve their skills and even get race ready if competing is your thing!

Join our Club Back Bone and become an official BMX rider in Australia. Get a personalized membership card, regular newsletters and updates, have your say on BMX and its future, and even receive a 5% discount when shopping at Back Bone BMX. We have membership options for everyone whether it's just you who wants to join, or your whole family, so don't delay, join our family today. Read Less