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Get the Latest BMX Bikes in Purple from Back Bone BMX

Back Bone BMX is so much more than just a BMX shop. It is a community, and it offers everything you could wish to find on the BMX scene, from the latest high-end parts from respected brands to all the essential clothing and accessories you need to be the coolest rider in town!

Whether you are looking for an adult BMX bikes for sale for yourself, or you want to get your kids into a fun and healthy sport, we have everything you are looking for. We stock bikes for everyone, from balance bikes, and beginners' bikes to race or custom BMX bikes, so rest assured you will find something to suit your needs; now all you have to decide on is which colour you want. Candy red, cobalt green, or even a jazzy two-tone like black and red BMX bike or a purple and black BMX bike, we have a vast array of colours to choose from.

We have been around BMX bikes forever and are as obsessed as you are about the sport. We have decades of experience and offer a wealth of advice regarding green BMX bikes and parts. Ensure you read our BMX bike sizing guide before you make a purchase to guarantee you get the correct size bike, as this is one of the most important things to know. Read More

Everything You Need for An Impeccable Purple & Black BMX Bike

From BMX bike bags and backpacks to keep all your gear in, to upgrading your brakes (who needs brakes, I hear you ask?), we stock the most recognized hardcore BMX brands in today's market. We provide detailed product info on our large range of products, and only use the most respected and revered brands in the BMX community.

If you need clothing to complete that cooler than cool image you will find everything from hats and beanies, socks, T-shirts and even sunglasses to get those heads turning. So whether your BMX bikes in purple orange or white, you will find clothing to suit your style, and plenty of safety gear too, from body armour, gloves and BMX bike helmets to keep you safe as you freestyle or race, and keep your audience stoked as they watch you perform your skills!

Become Part of The BMX Community

We live and breathe the BMX culture, and in fact, as our name suggests, we are the Back Bone of the BMX scene in Australia, and that's why we started the Club Back Bone Membership. When you join you will receive a personalized membership card, regular newsletters and updates and a 5% discount when you make a purchase at Back Bone BMX.

We offer various Club Back Bone affiliated events where you can meet like-minded people, and as a member, you make it official that you are a BMX rider in Australia. The more members, the bigger the voice, and we can help shape the sport of BMX riding, and by having official members we may even get funding and facilities from the government. We also have regular meetings where awesome ideas can be heard and shared, and we can turn those dreams into reality. Read Less