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What Could Be Cooler Than a New, Red BMX Bike?

Whether you are new to BMX riding or you have always been obsessed with the cool life, the adrenaline and adventure, and the great community that surrounds this lifestyle, you need a BMX bike for sale that not only looks good but performs the way you want it to.

Here at Back Bone BMX, we completely get it, because we have always been right into the whole BMX scene ourselves, so we know exactly what you need. Apart from being the coolest shop on the planet, we carry the most recognized hardcore BMX brands in today's market, and we want to bring those products to you.

If you are looking for something a little "stand-out-ish" from the crowd, then check out our ultra-cool new red BMX bikes, we know you won't be disappointed! Read More

Not Sure What Red BMX You Are Looking For?

Getting the right-sized bike is one of the most important things you can do, as all experienced BMX riders know, and we have the perfect BMX bike sizing guide for you to check out before you purchase your new bike. It doesn't matter what age you are, our guide is based on age and rider height, and if you're still not sure, of course, we're here to help.

We want to make sure that every ride you have on your new eye-catching red BMX is as awesome as it can be, and keeps you wanting more. We know how obsessive the BMX lifestyle can be - we're all as hooked on it as you are - and our aim is to provide everyone with high-end bikes and parts to keep that community going strong.

Upgrade Your Bike to A Dark Red BMX

Turn heads when you jump the dirt trails, as your streak of red metal flashes through the sky! Are you wanting to become as revered on your BMX blue bike as the riders you watch on YouTube? Well, start your journey with us today.

Don't be uncool and ride on worn-out bikes, or buy cheap, less reputable products - not big and not clever. If you want to stand out in the crowd, then go for a dark red BMX and find all the high-end parts and accessories you want on our website. All our gear comes with detailed product info, and we only stock the latest and most respected brands, that's why our shop is revered in the BMX community.

Ordering Your Dark Red BMX Bike with Backbone BMX

Make your mark on the BMX scene when you show up with a red-hot speed machine. To order, you can choose your BMX in dark red bike online, or if you're in Canberra you can even come visit us in-store.

But we know that's not an option for everyone since Backbone BMX ships all over the world. So if you have any questions about our products before you place an order, send us a message and we'll do our very best to help.

Of course, once you order we know you'll be eagerly awaiting the arrival of your dark red BMX bike. So, to get it to you as quickly as possible, we try to ship your package on the very same day. And if we can't, we will get right on it on the next working day.

If you're gifting a dark red BMX to a very lucky person, please allow some additional time when you order. Stock levels fluctuate, shipping couriers have delays... and well, we don't want a small, unforeseen hiccup in the delivery process to cause any upset.

Because we take every care to ensure your bike is safe and secure on its journey from our store to your home, packages of this epic magnitude will need to be collected from the Post Office. But you'll have a notification card through your door to let you know it's go-time!

Alternatively, you can opt for our click-and-collect service. As soon as your dark red BMX is in store, we'll let you know, and you can collect it at your convenience.

Not Sure Where to Start?

Why not become a member of our Club Back Bone? Not only will you get a 5% discount when shopping at Back Bone BMX, but you'll get regular newsletters and updates about all things BMX. Become part of the voice for BMX by joining a club that has been created by riders, for riders.

You can help shape your ideas into a reality and make BMX riding even more awesome with our regular Zoom meetings, where members' ideas are heard and action is taken to make those ideas become a reality. Make new connections with riders and find out about our Club Back Bone affiliated events. Read Less