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BMX Bikes

Back Bone BMX is the most loved BMX bike shop Australia wide. Back Bone BMX has a worldwide fanbase due to the work we have done within the BMX community in Australia for almost 20 years. From creating new BMX tracks and dirt jumps across regions of Australia to ride different BMX bikes on, to coaching kids on small 16 inch bikes so they can progress and most importantly, have fun riding for years to come!

We are very passionate about making each and every customer feel confident and stoked on their BMX bicycle purchase. Whether it’s someone completely new to riding, an old school BMX veteran, an up-and-coming BMX shredder, or a parent who wants to find the best BMX bike for kids without spending a fortune,
it’s our job at Back Bone BMX
to make that task as easy as possible.

This is why we have a text chat option in our BMX online shop website, to provide the best customer service. Don’t hesitate to contact us for any and every question you might have about your BMX buying guide.

Over the years as an independent, Australian BMX shop, we have worked with some of the BMX brands to provide feedback on bikes of all sizes.

Changes to geometry and parts on popular brands like Colony BMX and Wethepeople BMX have been influenced due to feedback we have provided.

We have even been able to get old school BMX bikes to customers that aren’t available anywhere else in the world – custom BMX bikes like the Skyway TA
in one-off colour options are just one example.

We also spend extra time and effort to send BMX bikes to customers across the world, with an option to get your new BMX bike serviced before it leaves our Canberra BMX shop. Providing top notch bicycle servicing adds extra value to any
BMX bicycle and ensures smiles on faces and extra fun outdoors enjoying bicycle motocross.

With new BMX bikes and parts added to our range on our online BMX shop regularly from the worlds best BMX brands, as well as a regularly updated news page that features BMX blog posts with even more information and knowledge about BMX bikes, you can expect to find exactly what you need from a bike shop in Australia that really cares about the growth of the
BMX scene from a grassroots level.

If you need any further help buying BMX bikes you can always head to our BMX bikes sizing guide or BMX buyers guide – or contact us and we at Back Bone BMX will always be here to help you out.

BMX Bikes FAQs

What is a BMX bike?

A BMX bike is an all terrain bicycle that was created in the 1970s by
youths modifying their dragster bicycles to emulate motocross riders so
they too could jump and make aggressive turns. This is why BMX stands for Bicycle Moto Cross (X). Over
the years, the material and geometry has been refined, to make a strong
BMX bike that could withstand more punishment and perform
better. As BMX evolved, so did the bikes, with the modern BMX bike being
even more light weight while still remaining very strong. Now you can
get a cheap BMX bike without having to replace parts straight away. 

There are many different styles of BMX bikes to suit all types of BMX
disciplines. Whether you are looking to buy a BMX bike to ride
freestyle at the skatepark, street or the trails, we recommend any of
the awesome BMX bikes for sale at Back Bone BMX but are certainly happy
to speak to you over the phone or via e-mail with any questions you might have.

What is the best BMX bike for me?

We have created a seriously detailed BMX buyer's guide below so that you can decide what the best BMX bike is for you.

Whether it's your skill level or your budget, our BMX bike buyer's
guide will point you in the right direction. We have BMX bikes for kids
and BMX bikes for adults, our buyer's guide will show you a range of
bikes to suit your needs.

What are the best BMX bike brands?

We have been a BMX only shop since 2005. We stand behind the BMX brands we sell and are confident in saying that the BMX bikes we sell are the best brands available.

We stock BMX bikes for all different styles of riding and we love BMX
because it's for everyone.

Whether you want a BMX to cruise the
streets, the skatepark, tear up the trails or simply ride around with
your mates, we have the bike for you.

What size BMX bike do I need?

BMX bikes range in sizes to suit almost any age and height rider. BMX bikes are not just 20 inch wheels anymore, allowing for riders from 3 years old (and sometimes even younger!) to get started on a BMX.

Our Back Bone BMX size guide and buyers guide should help determine the correct BMX bike for you, based on your height, experience level and budget.

Are BMX bikes good for beginners?

BMX bikes are single geared, with robust components and durable, wide tires, which means they are much easier to control for a beginner rider.

Ride BMX and get inspired daily

Sending BMX bikes Australia wide

Back Bone BMX opened in 2005. We want to help you find your first - or next - awesome BMX bike. A bike that you'll be stoked to ride.

If you're brand new to riding or someone who has years of experience, Back Bone BMX is excited to help find the perfect bike for you.