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The best BMX bikes for kids.

We've categorised our kids BMX bikes range into what we call junior BMX bikes.

Junior BMX Bikes suit riders up to 140cm tall:  This includes small, 12 inch wheeled BMX bikes, as well as 16 and 18 inch BMX bikes. 

During our years of riding BMX, we've found that these size bikes are the best choice for smaller riders to excel on.

Junior BMX Bikes for Stunts, Jumps, And Racing

Are your kids eager to get their hands on a BMX? Whether you're sharing your own passion for BMX riding, or encouraging your kids to get out and about, you'll find a BMX bike that your child will love. Read More

Our junior BMX race bike range suits children up to 140cm. There are 3 wheel sizes available for this age range: 12 in BMX bike, 14 inch BMX, and 16". Youth BMX bikes are specially designed to be responsive, lightweight, and - most important of all - safe for younger riders.

Each BMX features top-quality parts that make the bike quick to manoeuvre - and kids will easily learn the tricks, stunts, and jumps that fascinate them. junior BMX bikes are the superior option when it comes to safety. The frames are designed to reduce resistance and balance lightweight materials with strength and durability. The front forks are strong enough to withstand real use, such as jumps and tricks, unlike other bike types available on the market.

And if you know the kids will bounce on the front wheel, it's cost-effective and safety-conscious to invest in a bike that's built for it.

Another key feature of our junior BMX bikes for sale is the ability to upgrade parts. As your kid grows, and as their skills develop, you can improve on each aspect of the bike piece by piece. Rather than replace the whole bike each time, you and your child can assess where they're at, where they want to be, and which upgrades will help keep them on track. Read Less