BMX bike shop Canberra

We are the only 100% BMX bike shop Canberra wide! Back Bone BMX doesn't just sell BMX bikes and parts, but we provide high quality workshop services for BMX bikes too.
Whether you are after a part fitted to your BMX bike, or a comprehensive full service, we are BMX experts committed to giving your bike the attention it deserves.
With any service we will also provide you with a list of recommendations (if needed) of parts to keep an eye on in the future. BMX is an abusive sport in it's nature so it's good to be aware of parts that need replacing before they fail.

Back Bone BMX Bike Shop Canberra location

Shop 2a 68 Emu Bank
ACT 2617

Standard BMX service - $80

Catering for those riders who want their bike to be running smooth again and have sealed bearings in the majority of their bike.

Recommended every 3 - 5 months.

  • Check and tighten all bolts
  • Adjust brake pads (if on bike)
  • Tighten brake cables (if on bike)
  • Re-adjust springs in brakes (if on bike)
  • Tighten and straighten wheels
  • Cranks removed, regreased and re-installed
  • Lubricate chain and cables
  • Headset parts removed, checked, regreased and re-installed
  • Tyres inflated
  • Small parts, if needed, installed


Premium BMX service - $120

For those who want their ride to feel better than new again. Great for those who are having issues with their bike 'not feeling right', as well as racers who want to have a competitive edge.
This option is required for those who have a BMX bike that is mainly looseball bearings.

Recommended every 9-12 months.

  • Standard service, plus:
  • Hub service: bearing removal and regrease
  • Bottom bracket bearing regrease
  • Adjusting of chain tight/loose spots
  • Parts installed (excluding wheel parts)
  • Bike clean
We will also speak to you about your personal concerns with your bike and endeavour to fix them.
other labour charges

Our comprehensive list of services. We can fit any part for an added labour charge, unless otherwise discussed with a staff member.

  • Full brake setup with straight cable - $40
  • Full brake setup with gyro - $60
  • Replace cable - $25
  • Brake adjustment - $20
  • Install cranks with BB in frame - $25
  • Install cranks with new BB - $35
  • Install new BB - $35
  • Install chain - $15
  • Install sprocket - $25
  • Install internal headset - $25
  • Install external headset - $40
  • Cut fork steerer - $40
  • Fit handlebars - $20
  • Fit stem - $20
  • Fit grips - $10
  • Fix flat (including new tube) - $25
  • Fix flat (tube supplied) - $20
  • Hub service - $35
  • Wheel true minor - $25
  • Wheel true major/replacing spokes (price of spokes extra) - $40
  • Wheel build (parts supplied) - $60
  • Wheel build (all parts purchased here) - FREE

  • Brakeless, not including wheel builds - $70
  • With brakes, not including wheel builds - $100