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Looking for A Bigger, Powerful BMX Dirt Bike?

Feel the awesome power of a bike that's great on the track, in the skatepark, and in the dirt. Dirt BMX bike fans are raving about the bigger wheels and the fortified front forks that handle even the most ferocious of landings.

You'll find a selection of dirt jumpers here, just because they are so freaking good at their job! The geometry of the frames is specially designed to give superior performance, whether you're challenging your current skills or looking for an alternative bike for a bit of variety.

Not to mention the strength, light BMX bike materials, and high-intensity brakes that'll give you incredible stopping power. Dirt jumper bikes can be used on most terrains, but they really show you what's what when you're tearing through the raw ground.

A BMX dirt bike with 26" wheels is a beast of a machine. It combines the sleek elegance of perfect geometry, with top-tier, professional components that'll take your skill to the next level.

Because these machines are precision engineered, you'll find more outstanding frame support in high-stress areas and increased stability on the rear end for more seamless power transfer while making those high-intensity jumps on your 29" BMX bike.

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Dirt BMX Bikes with Back Bone

Since 2005, Back Bone BMX has been serving the community with much easier access to the latest and greatest bikes and parts that the BMX gods have to offer including 18 inch BMX. Back Bone BMX was formed from frustration that upgrades - the good ones, at least - were so hard to come by. And rather than whine... or worse, accept they were out of reach, founder Rhys Williams took matters into his own hands.

And from there, we've gone from strength to strength thanks to the incredible support from the BMX community. It's our mission to make sure we only offer the bikes and parts that we are excited about ourselves.

Living, breathing, and even dreaming about BMX has been the daily routine of Back Bone BMX. And we are giddy at the thought of getting in the dirt with a BMX bike built - specifically - for spine-tingling jumps.

Delivering all the maneuverability, stability, durability, and strength of traditional BMX frame set, adding 26" wheels make these dirt jumpers behemoths you won't be able to put down.

One of our favourite features of the BMX bike is the ability to change parts easily. Upgrading is no hassle and means you can fully customise your bike to suit your own riding style. You don't have to settle for a generic, mass-produced bike with sub-par performance when you can design and create a 100% unique build.

Expect Nothing Less Than Greatness with our Dirt BMX Bikes

BMX bikes and parts should be treated with all the respect they deserve. That's why we make sure your order is posted ASAP, with insurance and by registered post. If there's a chance you'll be out in the mud when your package is due, try out the click-and-collect service.

You won't be nervous about missing your delivery when you can collect it from the place of your choosing, and at your own convenience too.

And to save you from camping at the location, eagerly awaiting your new bike, we'll send you an email to confirm your delivery has arrived.

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