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Upgrade Your Ride with BMX Stunt Pegs

Whether you want to grind in the streets or a park, stunt pegs are a must-have. BMX bikes have long been known for their pegs, and adding some to your bike will maximise your potential. Some might opt for 2 pegs, while others love the adventure of adding 4 BMX stunt pegs to their ride. Read More

BMX bikes with pegs are works of art. Practising your moves with some sweet upgrades will help you soar to the dizzying heights of BMX master.

Pegs come in various strengths, materials, sizes, and colours. So whilst browsing our BMX bikes for sale, make sure you've chosen the pegs that will suit your needs. But even though many are either 10mm pegs for the front or 14mm pegs for the back, many of our 14mm axle options also come with 10mm adapters so you can switch the placement as you try different tricks.

How to Choose Your Stunt Pegs

Stunt pegs are essential for street riders. Get the most out of your environment, ride for the thrill, and upgrade your pegs to match your skill level.

The right peg for you will depend on where you ride and how you want to use them. Some are thicker on the bottom while thinner on the top to support the extra wear. BMX pegs are made from a number of lightweight materials to keep the weight of your white BMX bike as low as possible. A light bike can move around much easier and is way more responsive. You'll find lightweight materials such as forged steel, aluminum, and specially developed alloys that combine max strength with superior performance.

With so many BMX bikes with pegs available, you'll have no trouble finding the length, material and size that you need.

Back Bone BMX Loves BMX Bikes with Pegs

As hardcore BMX fans, Back Bone BMX fully supports the addition of pegs to your ride. It opens up so many opportunities to show off your skill and raise your game.

Even before Rhys Williams founded Back Bone BMX in 2005, he was right there - in the BMX community - living his best life. And nothing has changed! Back Bone BMX is a fundamental, core resource for BMXers all across Australia - and beyond.

Struggling to find the latest and greatest mods for his bike, he forged ahead and opened up a store to help other BMX riders get what they need when they need it. We offer a huge range of built BMX bikes, BMX frame sets, parts, and training to help the next generation of BMX lovers develop professional-level skills.

Get Your BMX Bikes With Pegs Fast

No one wants to wait around forever for their BMX stunt pegs to arrive. No, you want them on your vintage BMX ASAP! And we do too. All orders received on time will be posted on the same day. And any orders received later in the day (or during the night) will be posted on the next business day.

So Why Do You Need Stunt Pegs?

BMX bikes are practically naked without their stunt pegs attached. If you're looking to enhance your already sweet moves or looking to add a little flair to your tricks, stunt pegs are essential.

Adding some pegs onto your wheels opens up a world of opportunities. And if you want to master the Peddle High 5 or deliver some Whiplash, all you need to do is add those pegs on there and get practising!

Stunt pegs attach to the wheels, in the middle where the spokes meet. They can be used on the left and right, front and back. The more pegs you have, the more possibilities you have. Most pegs come with an adaptor so you can switch up between the front and back wheels whenever you feel like mixing it up.

As a stockist of some of the most sought-after BMX brands out there, you can guarantee we have an impressive supply of BMX pegs. They are strong, durable, and the perfect size to execute grinds in all terrain.

Made from aluminium or alloy cores for sheer strength, these lightweight pegs will add a negligible weight to your bike. A heavier bike is harder to control and is less responsive to tight twists and turns. Going with top brand, pro approved, BMX stunt pegs is the best way to deliver a maximum impact performance every single time.

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