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Serious, Mysterious and Elegant - The Black BMX

Whether or not you are a new rider just starting out on your BMX journey and learning the skills involved with 5 disciplines of freestyle: street, park, vert, trails and flatland, or you are a seasoned racer aiming to improve your jumps and time, we know that your bike is the most important thing to you.

Here at Back Bone BMX we all live and breathe the BMX culture too, and we pride ourselves in being able to offer our customers the most recognized hardcore BMX brands available in today's market. We stock a large range of products, everything from black BMX bikes to our very cool collection of T-shirts, giving you access to all the latest products by brands that are respected in the BMX community.

We are as obsessed as you are with all things black BMX, and have years of experience and knowledge, so not only do we supply detailed product info on anything you buy from us, but we can also advise you on pretty much anything too! Read More

Whatever Next - Black BMX Bikes...

Black is a strong colour. It is serious, it is powerful and it is very, very cool. With so many colours and variations out there, deciding which BMXs for sale you want can be a little overwhelming at times. Well, an all-black BMX could be the wisest choice you make, and it will show your fans just how serious you are about your BMX riding.

Apart from looking sleek and mysterious out there, it will also hide a multitude of sins, and while we know that you'll be cleaning and caring for your bike, when you are riding those muddy jumps and trails scratches and dirt are not going to show up like they would on a white BMX bike, making you look even more awesome!

Keep Those Heads Turning With an All Black BMX

You've been watching your favourite BMX riders on YouTube, you've seen them launch into the air and perform a perfect Bar Spin or Can Can, and you want to be able to do the same. We offer group or 1-on-1 coaching in Canberra from AusCycling Accredited coach Tyson Jones-Peni, who has over 20 years' riding experience and has been coaching everybody from complete novices to competition-level riders for more than a decade. Visit our website for details.

And if you want to get even more involved in the BMX culture and scene, why not become a member of our Club Back Bone and make it official that you are a BMX rider in Australia? More members mean a stronger voice for the BMX community, so we can call for more facilities and events that everyone can enjoy. We even hold regular meetings so if you have an amazing idea you can put it out there and we can help turn it into a reality. Oh, and did I mention it also entitles you to a 5% discount on anything you buy from Back Bone BMX? Sign up today for your personalized membership card and immerse yourself in the world of BMX! Read Less