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Back to Basics with a Vintage BMX

You'll turn heads and make a statement when you bust out an old-school BMX. Today bikes are engineered for precision, but nothing beats a retro BMX for making your moves sing. With Skyway and Redline BMX bike replicas designed to highlight the incredible features of old-school BMX bikes, it's a throwback to a simpler time - when BMX began its reign of epic proportions. Read More

Whether you want to throw down with your competition, up your game and test your skills, or get some Insta-ready pics that'll set you apart from the rest - 80's BMX bikes are where it's at.

Our top pick models range from 20" to 26", so there's a bike here that will suit your height and personal preference when it comes to riding comfortably.

The replica '80s BMX bikes are as close to the real deal as you can get - though there have been some changes to ensure the originality of true vintage BMX bikes. Yet, just like those bikes that have survived the decades, these bikes are also collector's items.

The legendary frame is instantly noticeable and has been made to the same specifications as the originals. If you go for the Redway, you'll notice the frame has more modern features than the original. This is to enhance your experience and create a piece of BMX history that's tied to the old school bikes, whilst still being a new design that stands alone as an iconic BMX.

Make Back Bone BMX Your Go-To for All Things Old School BMX

Aside from these epic special edition collector's replicas, we specialise in just about everything BMX including BMX bikes with pegs. Riding is a lifelong passion of founder, Rhys Williams. And that passion led to the company as we know it becoming a central part of the BMX community. Since 2005, Back Bone BMX has made access to top-tier, high-quality BMX bikes and parts easier than ever before.

As active members of this exclusive club, we keep on top of all the latest developments in the BMX world. It helps make sure we offer you the bikes and parts that you want to try out. So when we had the chance to stock the new Skyway replicas and the limited edition 50th anniversary Redline BMX - well, we jumped at the chance!

Who doesn't want to admire the legendary beauty of a vintage BMX in their collection? And if you don't have a collection already - you might want to start one!

Purchase and Delivery of Your Retro BMX

Once you've decided that, yes! 80's BMX bikes rule, and that your collection looks bare without one - then all that's left is to send us your order.

We do try to send all packages for shipping on the very same day, but if stuff happens or we receive the order a bit late in the day, then we will send it the next working day.

We send all bikes through the post like any other package. It'll be in a flat box and may require some assembly to get it up and running. However, we do have the option to send a pre-built BMX bike for sale, and if this is the option for you, please select the correct box at checkout.

How to Find the Retro BMX That'll Give You the Ride of Your Life

There's just so much choice. Whether you're a beginner or a long-time BMX enthusiast, it can take a minute to make a decision.

The retro BMX design is iconic. Instantly recognisable and enviable. But which one should you go for?

We stock a huge range of revered BMX brands, each with its own features and compositions. With looks that instantly send you back in time, but with upgraded specs for endurance, strength, and pretty sick tricks.

The first, and most important, feature that you need to know before diving into the exciting world of retro BMX ownership is the size of the bike. While many of our old-school bikes are 20", replicating the original BMXs, though some come with 26" wheels too.

To find the right size for you, take a look at our buyer's guide. It's a detailed look at all you need to know before you hit that purchase button.

When you love your BMX life as much as we do, the numbers are vital. Take a peek at the specs for each retro BMX available to find the set-up that'll suit your ride style. Whether you're tearing up a dirt track, or making the city streets beg for mercy, a retro BMX is an absolute must-have. And, of course, you can customise the specs to your liking with Backbone BMX's vast inventory of parts

The team at Back Bone BMX are BMX experts, so if you have any questions about our old-school BMX bikes, we are more than happy to help.

If you're a hardcore BMXer, just like us, sign up for our mailing list. You'll get secret sneak peeks and exclusive offers just for showing your support. What's not to love there?Read Less