A BMX Shop since 2005 - BMX obsessed forever.

logan martin bmxAbove: Even BMX Freestyle Olympic gold medalist Logan Martin has attended one of our events!

Back Bone started as a dream by founder Rhys Williams in early 2005.

Rhys visited local skateparks in Canberra with a couple of small boxes of BMX parts in the back of his ute, where riders were stoked to pick up parts they needed.

This was enough for Rhys to decide to leave his trade as a plumber and open Back Bone BMX shop in Canberra.

Back Bone BMX became a hub for riders in the Canberra area, thanks to Rhys' dedication to growing the BMX scene by running different events and jams. Rhys was also respected across Australia as being a die hard trail builder (something he still does today!).

In 2005 there was only a small handful of BMX shops Australia wide - online stores weren't prominent at all in the BMX industry, but Rhys knew he needed a website for riders to get in touch with Back Bone BMX.

He employed BMX rider Tyson Jones-Peni in late 2006 to make the website.

By September 2007, the online shop had launched and we were very quickly able to help BMX riders out with BMX bikes and products all across Australia.

We now reach riders in the most rural parts of Australia, as well as across the world.

We’ve been lucky enough to make a lot of new friends, whether it be when customers set foot in the store, with a high five at the park, when a rider comes to collect their prize for a jam we’ve put on, or through the orders we pack each day.

It puts smiles on our faces to send BMX parts to other BMX riders.

These people have all helped shape Back Bone BMX into what it is today. It’s pretty exciting to think about where we’ve come from and we’re even more excited to think about what we have planned in the years to come.

back bone bmx shop 2005

Not long after the shop opened in Fisher, ACT. 2005/2006.

The Back Bone of the BMX community

It's much more than just selling BMX bikes for us.

We live and breathe BMX - and that means building the BMX community and growing BMX in a positive way.

Whether it's through building jumps, building ramps, coaching kids, running events and hosting our BMX podcast 'The Back Bone Zone', we are obsessed with BMX and want to see the community enjoy BMX like we do.

Our love of running BMX events has gone from strength to strength with our current event ‘ACT Jam’ running for 10 years and becoming the biggest and most spoken about BMX event in Australia, thousands of riders from across the globe arriving in Canberra for the event.

This has led to us creating our own BMX club, Club Back Bone, to try to help BMX grow in a positive way. Club Back Bone is used as a 'lobby group' to benefit BMX in Australia, helping to push for facilities, events and to help the BMX community.

Everything we do in the shop ultimately comes down to making sure that BMX lives and grows in a positive way. There's nothing we are more passionate about.

Helping BMX grow for generations

July 2023 marks 18 years as a BMX shop and we have been able to watch BMX move and grow for generations now.

We are as excited as ever to see what's in store for BMX worldwide, while doing our best to contribute to it.

Stoked to have you be a part of the journey.

- Rhys, Tyson and the crew at Back Bone BMX.

Some of our history as a BMX shop in photos.

Here's just some of our history. From event flyers, to team trips, to memorable sessions, Back Bone BMX has reached riders across the globe.. We are forever grateful.