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We carry a great range of the best BMX helmets.

BMX helmets that we've selected and tested ourselves. As lifetime BMX riders, we have personally dealt with serious head injuries prior to wearing a certified bike helmet, and it's because of this reason that it's become our mission to stock only the best, certified BMX helmets that meet or exceed safety standards.

BMX helmets differ slightly to skate helmets.

While skate helmets generally feature soft foam padding, BMX and bicycle helmets use a hard foam inner, that helps protect your head during high impacts.

Forget what you thought about looking cool or uncool, all the helmets we choose to stock at Back Bone BMX fit great and look awesome, sitting nice and deep on your dome.

Get BMX Helmets in Australia

Protecting your head is a no-brainer. When you're jumping, speeding, and generally tearing up the track, you need some serious headgear that's built for expert BMX bike extremes.

Choosing BMX bike helmets that are certified and held to a higher standard than generic bike helmets gives you peace of mind. Should the worst happen, you'll have the right equipment in place. Compared to other helmets, BMX helmets are designed to give you better coverage and far greater protection. Let's face it, crashing is a part of BMX life - and it's better to be prepared before it happens.

When you're going at the high speeds a BMX delivers, you want BMX race helmets that proved themselves worthy. BMX helmets are shaped differently from regular, run-of-the-mill helmets. This distributes the pressure from impact much more efficiently. Many even have an extra layer to absorb shock, so your head doesn't take the brunt of the force.

The best BMX bike helmets balance the desire for a lightweight material with the need for durability, strength, and the ability to adjust the size. The key to finding the best helmet that'll protect you is finding the right fit.

At Back Bone BMX, we offer a range of top-tier helmets in several sizes. So measure your head before committing to a purchase. It needs to be snug enough to stay on when you slide off track, but not so tight that it'll make you feel like you're stuck in a vice grip.

Look Your Best with Our BMX Bike Helmets

It's not all about the science. When you're digging your look, your confidence will soar. You'll know you look the business out there - and so will everyone else. Whether you want to channel some Logan Martin energy with carbon BMX rims or want to rainbow swirl your way to glory, Back Bone BMX is the one-stop shop for all your BMX Helmets in Australia needs (and wants).

We've been part of the fantastic BMX community in Australia since 2005. And, before that, we were out there making our mark on the track too. So we know what good BMX gear looks like. We source the best, the greatest, and the most exciting bikes, parts, safety gear, and accessories out there so you know you're getting superior quality with us.

What Happens After You Order Your BMX Race Helmets?

We understand the trials and tribulations of waiting for your latest BMX purchase. It's nerve-wracking. Exciting. And a little worrying in case it goes missing.

So, to help make this the best shopping experience of your life, we aim to post your order the very same day. If we can't (weekends, holidays etc) then we'll post the next working day. If your order is over $99 (exclusions apply), we'll ship anywhere in Australia for free!

All shipping costs include registered post and insurance - these are high-value goods, and we know they're worth protecting. We post with Aus Post, and once they have your package, we can't say for certain the day/time it'll arrive.

To make sure you don't miss this very important delivery, why not opt for the click-and-collect service, so you can collect the parcel at your convenience?

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