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Discover Different Types of Blue BMX Bikes Here

Blue bikes are often popular among BMX enthusiasts. Rather than the standard black BMX colour, why not express yourself with a pop of colour? Blue BMX are vibrant and sophisticated, and you can browse a wide selection of our favourite blue BMX bikes right here.

Our collection of blue bikes has been carefully vetted by us and is widely praised by our customers. We only stock products that we, as BMX enthusiasts, would actually use. When you shop with Back Bone BMX, you can be sure that what you're buying is the best in the market, with no compromise. Plus, we're always happy to help our customers make the most of our products, whether that's by assisting them with setup or recommending them their dream bike. Read More

What You Need to Know about a BMX Blue Bike

Obviously, blue BMX race bikes can come in a variety of shades of blue, ranging from deep navy to electric blue. Here are some rules of thumb to bear in mind when looking for the perfect blue bike:

  • The colour blue in the photo might slightly differ from the actual product. Luckily, we offer a generous return policy, so you can send back any unused old school BMX or components.
  • Make sure you choose the right type of bike. Depending on size, it's important to choose a bike that allows you to shred comfortably (see our handy size guide!).
  • What type of BMXs for sale are you looking for? Size aside, you might be looking for bikes suitable for racing, freestyle, street, park, and dirt riding, so make sure that the bike you choose reflects its ideal usage.
  • If you've already got a bike, it's perfectly possible to swap parts of it for blue parts and accessories. One of the joys of BMX is how easy it is to swap and replace parts, truly making your bike your own.
  • Easy parts of the bike to swap include the handlebars, grips, forks, BMX stunt pegs and wheels.
  • Visibility - rather than plain black, a blue BMX bike can be more noticeable, making sure that other riders in the skatepark or pedestrians on the street are aware of your presence.
  • Why not treat yourself to some blue colour-coordinated gear? Finding blue BMX helmets, pads, apparel, and accessories is easy on our website, so you can buy whatever you need in one transaction. We offer flexible delivery and collection options, taking the hassle out of BMX shopping.

Discover More about Blue BMX - Get in Touch

Looking for a different type of blue BMX model or component that's not here? Got a question about one of the product specifications? Simply looking to learn more about our experiences with these products?

Get in touch, and we'd be more than happy to help - matchmaking dream BMX bikes to their owners is our thing, and we love interacting with our customers. Just message us in the chat or leave us a message on our socials, and we'll get back to you as soon as possible. Read Less