We've got two rad things to do in Canberra these school holidays, with Tyson running school holiday Freestyle BMX coaching, as well as a BMX Maintenance Workshop running at the shop.

For more info, or to book, e-mail:

Bike Maintenance Workshops: info@backbonebmx.com.au

School Holiday & Term 2 Coaching: coaching@backbonebmx.com.au

Our Bike Maintenance workshop will focus on gaining confidence in resolving basic mechanical issues. This will include how to fix/change a tube the right way.

bmx maintenance class canberra

Tyson also has his term 2 dates for Freestyle BMX coaching up too, so if you'd like to be involved, then send through an e-mail to book a spot.

Foundation (level 1) coaching: For riders who are newer to BMX, or riders who want to nail the basics, this class will be focusing on learning and perfecting the most important aspects of freestyle BMX.

Improver (level 2) coaching: For riders who are confident with foundation movements in freestyle BMX, but are looking to expand their trick repertoire and improve on their skills.

term 2 bmx coaching canberra


school holiday canberra bmx coaching

March 31, 2022 — Tyson Jones-Peni