We want to wish the trail building, shark-muscled legend and great friend Chris Harti a very Happy 30th Birthday today!

It's been awesome to watch Chris go from a young kid with the nickname 'Gunners Chris' (for his domination of his local park); to a young adult who worked in the shop and was never afraid to tell a customer just how good a BMX was; to a man who has travelled the world in pursuit of good times on his BMX, with his own signature Hartbreaker frame from Fitbikeco - and even a signature bike, the Fit TRL Harti! 

Beyond riding, Chris is a great bloke that we've had the pleasure of having a great friendship with over the past two decades. Looking forward to seeing what Level 3 brings - one thing's for certain - you'll see Chris pitching some savage whip outs on some big dubs he helped build! 

 Happy Birthday Harti!

Chris Harti whip lawn dart

Chris Harti inward whip snails

Chris Harti 360 lookback wamboin

Chris Harti Whip Hillfire

Just a few moments in time from the blast master, Chris Harti. Photos: Tyson JP

Another memory.. Chris blew our minds with the biggest 360 we'd ever seen at Cam White's Hillside trails. First shot, 12 years ago. Video: Tyson JP

August 26, 2021 — Tyson Jones-Peni