We've been working hard this year to get this across the line and we can finally announce it!

An ELITE BMX dirt facility ready for ACT Jam 2023 November 10-12, which will stay at Stromlo Forest Park as a permanent fixture of the park, alongside a beginner BMX tabletop line.

This is going to be huge for BMX, not only in Canberra, but worldwide, as it means a Government funded and approved BMX dirt park, which will be phase 1 of a purpose built freestyle BMX facility catering to all levels.

This facility will mean BMX riders from all over the world will be making travel plans to Canberra to ride some epic trails.

You'll see much more of this facility as it rolls out, this place is going to be pinnacle and the perfect place to host ACT JAM 2023 and beyond.

We're stoked.

Read the press release from the ACT Government below:


chris doyle bmx trails stromlo

Chris Doyle and Rhysty at Hillfire trails, circa 2017. Photo: Tyson JP

act jam 2023ACT Jam 2023 is going to be all time now that it's at Stromlo Forest Park! More details soon.

August 08, 2023 — Tyson Jones-Peni
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