Backbone BMX Always Building Hat

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This unstructured hat represents having Backbone. Community, culture and character - Always Building these things is what Backbone BMX is all about.


Why we made the Backbone BMX Always Building Hat

If you love BMX, this Backbone unstructured snapback hat is for you.

We want to help build a strong community in BMX, to support and celebrate a badass BMX culture and to stand for the strength of character that BMX gives you.

If you have the same feelings that we do about BMX, then this BMX hat (and Backbone) is a representation of that.

See the 3 pillars of our core values in details here

Backbone BMX Always Building Hat Details

Mid profile, unstructured 5 Panel cap

Back Bone embroidered logo front with 'Always Building' embroidery on right side.

Adjustable snap back.

Core values 'Community, culture, character' print on inside taping.

100% cotton


One size fits most