Above: Tyrone Edwards made this spot look like his second home.. Photo: Tyson JP


What a treat it is to ride something that you've helped build. That's the reason why we love trails so much - you put in the effort and you reap the rewards. 

This is exactly what's happened over the last couple of months, thanks to a dedicated crew of BMXers who love to build their own scene - quite literally - and 'creted up a new spot.. A full blown bowl, complete with spine and box jump, as well as plenty of other fun elements.

The spot is incredible, and far exceeds what most think of when they think of a DIY concrete spot. But more important than the actual transitions is what the spot stands for.. That you can truly make things happen if you dedicate yourself, your time, and do it yourself.

Who knows how long it will last, but a big thanks goes out to everyone who helped lay foundations, shovel concrete and make something that was just a conversation, into a reality. You know who you are.

A small jam was thrown to commemorate the build, the crew got some clips and Troy Harradine edited it up while I shot a few photos. Enjoy.. And hopefully this inspires you to get cracking on your own spot, big or small!  

- Tyson

diy bmx spot shaping

Let the shaping commence.. Some of the crew making it happen while the 'crete was wet.

Danny Stevenson turndown DIY hip

Weaponhead making the hip beg for mercy! He destroyed it! Photo: Tyson JP

Tyson Jones-Peni no hander DIY spot

Tyson letting the hands fly. Photo: Troy Harradine

Chowgy DIY hip

Some crew made the trip down from Sydney to break in the spot and Chowgy was one of them. Hip hangin' over the hip. All style.. Photo: Tyson JP

Jack O'Reilly table DIY

Don't think for a second Jack O'Reilly is all icepicks and big rails.. Look at this table across the channel! Epic. Photo: Tyson JP

DIY crew

A few of the crew loungin' at the newest pool in town. Photo: Tyson JP