Above: Harley Nowakowski took the most laps award on the weekend. Tipping it over to start the line.

If you're talking long running jams across Australia, there are few places that have been running jams as regularly, and for as long, as the Valley View trails in Young, NSW.

Will and Chris Kerr have been looking after the trail scene in the cherry-picking capital of Australia for over ten years, with yearly jams running for just as long.

Perhaps just as, or if not more, exciting as the jams has been watching the evolution of Valley View; with every jam comes new additions to the trails - Will and Chris have done a stellar job at shovelling mods that keep you on your toes year-after-year. 

2020 has brought about some life-changing worldwide events.. But it was very comforting to see the Corona reigns loosen just enough to get some well needed BMX riding in - especially for the majority who travelled from interstate to be there.

It was a full trail camp in Young for 4 days, that's for certain.

One special shout out goes to (our latest Canberra local) Harley Nowakowski, who took the most laps of all, but unfortunately went down hard and is currently recovering in hospital from a severe concussion - but is looking to make a full recovery. Certified helmets save lives! FYI, Harley was shredding on the weekend! 

Thanks as always to the Kerr bros for making it happen this year and every year, there's nothing quite like a long weekend spent at the trails. To see Valley View and the subsequent jams come from humble beginnings, to what it is now, is incredible.

Enjoy the photos from just some of the badassery that happened below.

- Tyson

chris kerr nac nac dirty 30 bmx trails

Chris Kerr showing you how good a nac nac can look over a 30ft set.. Photo: Tyson JP

russell brindley one foot euro bmx trails

 Russell Brindley dropping the foot off through Borders line. Photo: Tyson JP

weexy james fox jonny mack van life

 The van life was real at the trails over the weekend and Jonny Mackellar's van was the poster child for them all. Weexy, James Fox and Jonny kickin' it. Photo: Tyson JP

weexy whip dirty 30 bmx trails

 Weexy celebrated his birthday by juicin' 30 footers and getting radical! You're a legend Weex! Photo: Tyson JP

harley one foot x up bmx trails

Harley was tearing the Two Hips line a new one all day.. You better believe this one foot x-up got laid over into a one foot euro before he landed. Stoked to see you on the mend Harley! Photo: Tyson JP  

Jonny Mackellar 360 table bmx trails

 Jonny Mack has the perfect mix. He does the gnarliest stuff, done ever-so-casually, with a style all his own - all while hootin' and hollerin' & a smile on his face. It makes you want to ride, that's for sure. 360 table on the 30fter. Photo: Tyson JP 

Jonny Mackellar cruising bmx trails

What did I say about casual with a style all his own? Jonny Mack in his element. Photo: Tyson JP

russell brindley turndown dirty 30 sunset bmx trails

Sun peaking through the clouds and Russ Brindley soaking up the hangtime with a picturesque turndown. Photo: Tyson JP

chris harti 360 dirty 30 bmx trails

I shot this, looked at my camera & couldn't believe that Chris Harti could get in a position so dipped, over a 30ft set. So rad. Photo: Tyson JP

will gunn toboggan dirty 30 bmx trails

Will Gunn. I don't know how to describe how Will rides except 'badass'. Big old toboggan. Photo: Tyson JP

chris harti whipped dirty 30 bmx trails

Harti hit the limiter on this jump. This was full throttle, powerband type stuff. Photo: Tyson JP

will gunn seat grab table dirty 30 bmx trails

Will Gunn, the master of loft.. This one foot seatgrab table was EPIC. Photo: Tyson JP 

June 10, 2020 — Tyson Jones-Peni