The Gunn at Milthorpe. Brendan Boeck photo.

Will Gunn is a BEAST. The man rides everything so insanely well, he might be the best rider ever. There is so many gnarly, gnarly clips in this that had us almost too scared to hold the camera, let alone even contemplate doing the riding. But each time, Will kept his cool and got it done all too easy.

We're stoked that there's footage in the video that spans from when Will lived in Canberra, to his trip to the USA, to his hometown parks Milthorpe and Orange where he currently resides.

B-Dog did wonders with the camera and editing as always, plus Canberra band I Exist keeping up with the brutality that is Will Gunn. Watch!

July 26, 2017 — Tyson Jones-Peni