ACT Jam started in the year 2000 by some BMXers who cared about the culture of BMX and wanted to see it flourish in Australia. It ran until 2005. We brought it back in 2013 because ACT Jam, and jams like it, are a big part - probably the biggest part - of why we have a BMX shop. We love BMX and we use the shop as a platform to grow the BMX scene and provide more of what we love.

It's amazing to see the support the Australian BMX scene shows with its attendance at each jam we run. The smiles and overall stoke-age that permeates throughout the crowd over the weekend gets us hyped. It's a party that the BMX scene attends year after year and we're damn grateful.

It was a shame to not have the international presence like we've had in previous years, but they'll be back once this current situation cleans itself up.

Day one was back at Weston Creek, the park was opened up for a lot more lines and transfers, as well as the 4 foot extension in the round bowl which definitely made for more speed and blast. Weston Creek local Tyrone Edwards went to the moon while Jonny Mackellar handplanted here, there and everywhere (he also tried a handplant 360 over the spine..). 

The more open park meant that Jason Watts got the speed and ripped a 360 across legitimately the whole thing, it was insane - more insane in the fact that Jason did it twice. So gnarly.

Jason Watts 360 transfer act jam 2021Jason Watts, going bananas. Huge 360 transfer. Photo: Jack Gruber

Day Two was at Tuggeranong. The sun was belting down. The jam ran a few weeks earlier than normal to allow for better chance of warmer weather and it definitely paid off - it was balmy.

The build crew got a rad step up box jump going with a right hip that led into the park. This feature got a workout - there was a huge, revolving queue that never stopped the whole day. Liam Quinlivan AKA Quinny double backflipped the thing - not the first double backie Tuggeranong skatepark has seen (Shane Conlon tried one decades ago at a dirt comp beside the park), but certainly the first one landed! It was crazy. 

Josh Dove also continued on his shred across the whole park, making things look all-too-easy. Hyped to see Cody Pollard blast anytime, but the vert ramp was getting a once over from the QLDer. Casual double digits, it was a sight to see.

Cody Pollard BMX act jam 2021Cody Pollard can blast. Photo: Jack Gruber  

The final day at the BentSpoke Cannery was a beauty. Even though the BMX riding didn't start until 1pm, I personally thought it was really cool for the crowd to have insight into how this whole thing happens. There was a tight group of BMXers literally building and finishing the course, right in front of their eyes. It was my personal highlight of the day.

Once the ramps were finished and the droves of BMXers got a session, we kicked it off with a high jump over the box, that went into a best trick over the box. It was a real shootout with the high jump, Jason, Dovey and Chowgy (Ryan Saville) were all way up there, but Chowgy took top honours.

Alec Danelutti and Jonny Mack tied it up for best trick, Alec did a 360 oppo downside whip to tuck no hander (you know a trick is hard when it takes 8 words to type it out), while Jonny took the unique route and handplanted over it, which was nuts, to travel that distance so low with your hand off, sideways.

Jimmah x up crooks act jam 2021Jimmah getting crook. Photo: Jack Gruber

We moved onto the street slayer best trick, which was a shootout of rail moves that were all crazy. It was tough to give it to one person for one trick, so we gave it to one person for a plethora of tricks. Jimmah AKA James Pease did all sorts, x-up crooks, half barspin over pegs, x-up over crooks, as well as a bunch more. He got a pocket full of cash for his efforts.

Josh Dove air BentSpoke act jam 2021Josh Dove clearing that BentSpoke case height pole.. Photo: Jack Gruber

The high air at the end of the day was pure BMX. Pedalling as fast as the space allowed at a 10 foot quarter was a sight to see. If you've seen the photos, there's a circular sticker on one of the cases that is 10 foot high.. There were a few riders knocking out 10 foot plus airs.

It came down to whoever could pedal the fastest and in the end, Josh Dove got wayyy up there.

Ranch Hand premiere act jam 2021Ranch Hand Premiere. Photo: Jack Gruber

After it was all said and done, we gave out a lot of cash to the riders and the young gun, the quiet shredder, Josh Dove, got crowned king of the ACT. That dude is a legend and a ripper. Plus, he's not yet 18! He hasn't even gotten his man strength yet - once he does the whole world will be chasing him to catch up on his skills.

We weren't even done there! B-Dog premiered the long awaited Ranch Hand video - it was a mammoth project that got a lot of people stoked. I'm sure it will be out in tangible copy form soon, so hold tight.

Act jam 2021 presentation bentspokeAward time with Rhysty and BentSpoke owner Richard.

Big thanks to the major sponsors who helped allow the jam to happen in such big way this year: BentSpoke, Vans Australia, Colony BMX, Cult Crew and Wethepeople.

Also the build crew who made the ramps happen in a big way, NBD, Hardwood Projects and Miner Projects, headed up by Universal Ramps front man Jason Watts (who got precisely 45 mins of sleep over the whole weekend). There's so many who helped out additionally, you know who you are and thank you.

The 2021 ACT Jam was about as hardcore BMX as it gets for an event. Riders building ramps, young and old riding, from all over Australia. If you were a part of it by simply taking the time to attending, thanks for coming and adding to the experience! If you weren't there, then there is always next year.

- Tyson 


Aidan Rice was in attendance and put together this ripper of a video. Thanks Aidan!

Photos below by Jack Gruber!

Act Jam 2021 Jason Watts lookback bentspokeJason Watts, this is a lookback that happened AFTER he caught a decade. Decade-to-lookback. Insane.

Ryan Saville tuggeranong act jam 2021Ryan Saville getting full Chowgy.

Cody Pollard bmx act jam 2021Cody Pollard tuckin & diving while Wilton Hedley cranks into the quarter.

Wilton Hedley bmx act jam 2021Wilton Hedley, pull back or die.

Tyrone Edwards act jam 2021Tyrone Edwards always making it look good.

Jonny Mackellar bmx act jam 2021Jonny Mackellar ripping the 360 nac nac.

Jason Watts bmx act jam 2021Jason Watts going super large on the extension at Weston.

Dylan Steinhardt bmx act jam 2021Dylan Steinhardt with the super heavy up wheels to barspin at BentSpoke.

Josh Dove bmx act jam 2021270 back seat grab by the King of the ACT, Josh Dove.

Matt Green BMX act jam 2021Matt Green getting it done with the 360 over the rail.

Jason Watts bentspoke air act jam 2021It must be noted that this is an oppo air for Jason, and that he's awfully close to the top of the height pole. That's high..

April 22, 2021 — Tyson Jones-Peni