Hornit Airo Balance Bike


The Hornit Airo is the lightest balance bike on the market!




Why the Hornit Airo Balance Bike is awesome

The Hornit Airo balance bike is incredibly light weight (at 2.95kg), while still having proper, inflatable rubber tires and alloy rims.

Getting the next generation riding on the best balance bikes is a passion for us; if you start your child off on the right foot, it will only mean more fun and confidence as they progress to a proper BMX bike.

A balance bike simplifies the most crucial part of learning to ride, which is balancing on two wheels. By getting rid of the drivetrain and allowing a first time rider to simply push their way around without anything in the way.

When it's time to move to a pedal bike, the riders' time on a balance bike has allowed them to feel confident balancing on two wheels, so the next effort is focusing on learning how to pedal.  

All this equates to more fun riding experience, at a younger age!

Bike sizing

Suits riders from as early as 12 months to 4 years old with a minimum inseam measurement of 30cm.

Hornit Airo Balance Bike Specifications

Magnesium Alloy frame and fork is light and tough!

Special grip-taped footrests 

Adjustable seat height (290mm - 460mm off ground)

Comfortable padded seat angled correctly (no sliding around)

Sealed bearing hubs on alloy rims

Inflatable Compass 12" x 2.25" tires

Neoprene stem pad for added safety

Suitable for 18 months to 5 years!