Make sure the future of BMX in Australia is in good hands - yours!

Club Back Bone Membership includes:

  • Club Back Bone personalised membership card
  • Club Back Bone sticker sheet
  • Access to exclusive Club Back Bone content
  • Regular newsletters and updates
  • Club Back Bone jam support
  • Connect with riders in your area
  • 5% off when shopping at Back Bone BMX

We have created Club Back Bone - a BMX club that represents BMX in Australia and allows every single member to have their say in what BMX is, and what it can be.

As a member, you are making it official that you are a BMX rider in Australia.

bmx club back bone
"Unifying our community, protecting our culture, building our scene."

Key Benefits of Joining Club Back Bone

Become a member of the club that cares about BMX in Australia

No matter where you are located in Australia, adding your name to
Club Back Bone will give BMX a stronger voice. We can use that voice to
call for more events, more facilities, who knows - maybe even save some
trail spots. The sky's the limit.

Official record of active BMX riders

Why do you think there is so many football ovals and tennis courts
across Australia? Because records are kept by every sporting code! These
are passed onto a peak body, which in turn pushes for facilities and
funding from the government.

Club Back Bone will be able to become a voice for BMX at large. By riders, for riders. 

Increase event attendance

If you are a member of Club Back Bone, contact us whenever you plan
to run a jam! We will push jam info onto club members with emails and
social media, meaning more riders can attend.

Whether any BMX shop is putting on an event, or a big brand, this
will be a way to reach more BMX riders from different scenes that you
may not see otherwise.

Help shape BMX

Got an idea to make BMX even more awesome? We want you to have your
idea and voice heard! Regular CBB member Zoom meetings will be scheduled
to ensure members ideas are being heard. Group action can take place to
bring those ideas into reality.

Grow Your Community

The more riders, the better! Make new connections with riders through various Club Back Bone affiliated events.

Make change at a local level

Building BMX means doing it from the grassroots. If you are a BMX
rider in Australia and you'd like to get a skatepark or dirt facility
built in your area, as a club member, you can request official data and
support from Club Back Bone to give to your local council. This will
help with traction to get closer to your goal.

The more members, the more powerful this data becomes.