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Fit Bike Co has been one of the most popular premium BMX brands for decades, being on the shortlist of brands to make BMX frames in the USA, as well as a full range of parts. Not to mention the amazing range of Fit BMX bikes to suit every type of rider.

S&M Bikes owner Chris Moeller created Fitbikeco after having a history of creating frames and parts, but saw the need to be able to offer a wider range of high quality BMX parts.

Fitbikeco began with Moeller and his team manager, Robbie Morales, who assembled a team of absolute legends - Mike Aitken, Brian Foster, Edwin Delarosa and Nate Hanson, just to name a few.

The Fit BMX team has been nothing short of legendary, with greats like Van Homan, Tom Dugan and Cory Nastazio still repping Fit BMX. Newcomers like Kole Voelker are on board, as well as Fit Bikes Australia team rider (and Back Bone ripper) Chris Harti

The reason for Fit's success is simple; incredibly high quality aftermarket parts, with a complete bike range that suits every age and skill level, as well as a stack of BMX videos that have made the hall of fame.

Definitely a great choice to make for your next BMX bike, BMX stem, or handlebars.