Just wanted to share with you the greatest of all time, Mike Aitken.

Mikey is a huge inspiration here at Backbone.

His style on and off the bike, his attitude, his trick selection, his bike setup... Mike Aitken influenced BMX in a way that would be hard to replicate. In fact, we're sure no one has influenced BMX like Mikey has, since.

His influence has been talked about down to 'what jeans does he ride in' and calling kids who copied his look 'Faiken's'.

Mike Aitken fandom really was that large.

I really cherish that I was able to be a teenager growing up watching Mike Aitken. His sections in videos like Wide Awake Nightmare and the Odyssey video (watch them both below) was life changing for me and no doubt many other riders of the era.

There are tricks that Aitken has done that still aren't replicated to the level he did them 15+ years ago.

Mike Aitken has had a huge range of signature parts over his multi-decade span as the best bike rider on the planet; even today 15 years after their release, his Odyssey Aitken tires are the most popular BMX tire we sell.

We are really stoked to have one last Fit Aitken S3.5 frame in the shop - the same frame model that Aitken rode in his Anthem II section. A do it all modern classic (watch the section and then tell us it can't!).

To those who joined BMX after 2009, you may not be aware of Mike Aitken, as he suffered a life altering crash while filming for his section in the absolute classic BMX video, Anthem 2.

In a coma for weeks, Mikey had to learn how to do just about everything again, including ride his BMX, over the course of the last decade.

Mike is back riding, doing his thing and we are really glad to hear that he stills keeps the stoke high for BMX. He looks to be releasing a new brand, Nox Wolf, which is exciting to hear and we will be following that closely.

- Tyson

Fit Aitken S3.5 frame

The epic Fit Aitken S3.5 frame. Check it in full detail here.

Mike Aitken in Anthem II.

Mike Aitken in the Odyssey video.

Mike Aitken in Wide Awake Nightmare.

Mike Aitken's latest podcast with Unclicked.

March 05, 2024 — Tyson Jones-Peni