Jack Gruber, the young gun turned Royal Rat turned Back Bone video part filmer turned mad man. We've watched Jack rise from the young kid who walked in and got his first complete bike from us to now just killing it with us and Odyssey looking after him!

Jack fired out a rad minute web edit and a couple of photos, as well as answering a top five - so take a second to watch, read and learn about our brother Jack!



Places on the bike:

  • Tuggers skatepark
  • Cruising around the City
  • Fadden Bowl
  • Woden
  • Anywhere with a good crew of dudes

Places off the bike:

  • Byron Bay
  • Civic Pub/ Knightsbridge
  • Transit/Phoenix Bar for the good gigs
  • Troy Harradine’s house
  • Anywhere with a schnitty special

 Gruber tooth drop

Jack with the AM tooth hanger. Photo Tyson JP. 

Music to ride to:

  • Any Smith Street Band song
  • Gang of Youths: What Can I Do If The Fire Goes Out
  • Kendrick Lamar.. Too many to name
  • Patti Smith: Rock and Roll Nigger
  • Ty Morrows Deadline song part ( Wicked Lady: War Cloud )

Music to hang to:

  • Any Smith Street Band song
  • Ocean Alley: Partner In Crime
  • Camp Cope: Footscray Station
  • Kendrick Lamar.. Same story, Art of Peer Pressure if I have to name one
  • Courtney Barnett: Out of The Woodwork, Gang Of Youths: Knuckles White Dry, Cindy Lauper: Girls Just Want to Have Fun , Julia Jacklin: Pool Party , Slayer: Jesus Saves, The Preatures: Rock and Roll Rave… Top 10?

 Jack over hanger

And an over oppo hanger on the same ledge. Tyson JP photo.

Bike parts:

  • Odyssey R32 Forks
  • Fiend Reynolds Frame
  • Odyssey Hazard lite rims, how mine are still round is a mystery
  • ODI longnecks. With Flanges. Always need the Flange
  • Division drive side hub guard. Saves you every time


  • Garrett Reynolds
  • Troy Harradine
  • Nathan Williams
  • All the boys (Jack O’Reilly, Zac Miner, TJP, B-dog) and everyone else we go out and film with
  • Garrett Reynolds?

 Gruber sequence

BMX memories:

  • Every ACT JAM
  • Back Bone DVD prem night
  • Latest Victoria road trip with the Back Bone crew.. good times
  • Getting Zac Miner to sign my 2008? ( I would have been 11/12 ) 2020 cover. Now the mans chasing me around with a pen and paper every weekend.
  • All the times we get a good crew and go film or just hang out.


April 21, 2017 — Tyson Jones-Peni