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The ACT jam for 2017.. what a time. Best one yet we reckon - and no slowing down that's for sure. We've got a doozy of an update coming, but one of the unexpected perks of ACT jam was having one hell of a sesh at the trails with some crew that was in town. The Kink boys were here, good mate (and newest member of the Back Bone team!) Jason Watts, some seasoned locals and a few blow-ins got a ride in. Conditions were good and as you can expect with a crew like that, the riding was next level. 

Let the photos get you psyched and keep checking back for the ACT Jam 2017 update.

Tyson JP photos.

parrot whip

Parrot (Kris McKreath), has come blazing back onto the scene in the last couple of years and is riding harder, smoother, and better than ever.. Which could be due to the time he spends with a shovel in hand. Paragazi whip. 

parrot shovel

Parrot, like I said, on the shovel. 

chad no hander turndown

Chad Osburn RIPS. No hander to turndown was just one of many stylish moves we were treated to this morning.

Jason and Russ

Russ seatgrab one foot table

When you see Russ Brindley ride in person, you'll want to do your tricks a certain way after that.

Jason bomb 360

The 360s were on another level from Jason Watts.

Chris Doyle 360 turndown

Tweaked. Chris Doyle is THE man.

Chris Doyle groundchuck

Speaking of tweaked, this should be printed out and stuck on your bedroom wall. Chris Doyle with the Groundchuck that would make Isaac McCrea proud (or gets me stoked at least!).

May 02, 2017 — Tyson Jones-Peni