Pool hanging with Trent Rowsell. James Fox photo.

Benn Pigot is an Australian BMX legend and has been a supporter/team rider of the shop since damn near the beginning.. Not to mention one of our closest friends. Benn rips anything he rides with a casualness that just looks so good, which makes sense, because it reflects his casual, chilled demeanour off the bike. We are so stoked to have a full section of Benn in the video, and now we can bring it to you online, as well as gracing you with some of Benn's favourite things in this top 5, complete with epic shots from James Fox.   

Places on the bike:

  • Five Dock
  • Nimbin
  • Wellington
  • A good chill pool
  • Málaga (all of it)

Benn Pigot pocket air Bondi

While Bondi doesn't technically make Benn's top 5 places on the bike, the deep end, pool coping and the ocean right next to it - it certainly contains elements of his favourite places. Big pocket air in the deep. James Fox Photo.

Places off the bike:

  • Berry Springs, NT
  • Málaga, Spain
  • Bydalen, Sweden
  • Encasa 
  • Guzman y Gomez

 Benn pool table

Just look at that pool! And that table! While it looks like a dream pool to ride (judging by the blasted table Benn is folded into), what makes it so sick is that Benn found and cleaned this pool for hours with his mate Trent before laying tires on it. James Fox photo.

Music to ride to:

  • Postmortem - Slayer
  • The Number 12 Looks Like You - Category 
  • Lil Gin - Demons in my soul 
  • La Chat - Luv 2 Get High
  • Faith No More - Woodpecker from Mars

Music to hang to:

  • Da End - Gangsta Blac 
  • Ab Soul - Pass the Blunt
  • Ween - Buckingham Green
  • Ween - Mister Would You Please Help My Pony
  • Ella Fitzgerald & Louis Jordan - Stone Cold Dead In the Market 

 Benn Pigot turndown five dock

Benn on home ground. If you haven't sessioned with Benn at Five Dock, notch that up something you must do. James Fox photo.

Bike parts:


  • Tables
  • Slides/skids of all sorts
  • Kick outs 
  • Turndowns 
  • There's no way I could do it, but I love seeing a good Derek Duster. 

Benn tireslide

Jeez. Soulful, stylin', all time tireslide from Benn. James Fox photo. 


  • Mike Aitken 
  • Joe Rich 
  • Ruben Alcantara 
  • Trent Rowsell 
  • Dylan Lewis 

BMX memories:

  • When Aitken and company came to Bondi. 
  • Ever getting to see Dane Searls ride anything. 
  • New Years trip 2 years ago when I was lucky to hit Plumbus Dam and the big ass full pipe. 
  • A trip Trent Rowsell and I did late November last year to Málaga, had the chance to ride some crazy places with amazing people. 
  • At a Five Dock Jam, I saw Danny Stevenson do the biggest turndown over the spine I've ever seen.


June 21, 2017 — Tyson Jones-Peni