ACT Jam 2022 was bananas!

Above: Corey Walsh was on fire all weekend.. whipped and then some. All photos Nick Gascoine.

The crew absolutely banded together to make it happen - if you haven't listened to the recap Back Bone Zone podcast episode then jump over there to hear it first hand.

With media coming out from all over the internet from Vans Australia and Vans BMX, as well as long time supporter Colony BMX, it's only fair to showcase some amazing shots that our good friend Nick Gascoine shot while documenting the event. 

I think it'd be fair to say that it's been the most memorable ACT Jam event yet, thanks to all who braved the forecast and made it to Canberra believing that the jam was going ahead.

Big thanks to Vans, BentSpoke Brewing Co., NBD Constructions, Universal Ramps and Wethepeople for helping out as major partners this year. Epic.

We have an official video coming out later this week, so be on the lookout.  

- Tyson

Josh Dove BMX High Air

Josh Dove legitimately got told by the venue staff to not go so high because the roof can't handle it.. Into the rafters. High air winner.

Jimmah X-ride

Street ledge best trick, gap to X-Ride. Jimmah!

Young rider oscar BMX jump

Not just for the pros, the next gen were in full force on the course, with some extra ramps to keep them busy when the course was occupied. Oscar, jumpin!

Luke Tooze griz

Luke Tooze came across from West Oz and ripped alllll weekend. Might've owned the 'most laps' award unofficially. Big giz on the big quarter.

Josh and Luke

Josh Clemens from Fast and Loose and Luke share the stoke.

Corey Walsh ACT Jam BMX whip

Corey Walsh was putting on a show all weekend.. Fast and smooth, and whipped.

J Dogg table

Speaking of shredding all weekend, it was awesome to have QLD's Jayden 'J Dogg' Fuller here again for another ACT Jam. He was straight up shredding! Big table.

Girls BMX crew

Some of the girls BMX crew that were shredding over the weekend, enjoying post-ride Bentspokes and relishing in the stoke that is riding in front of a large crowd while it pours rain outside. Annie, Sarah and Sarah.


It seems very fitting that a Summernats shirt made an appearance.. This is the same venue that hosts the car event every year.

Shane Ellis

Another one of WA's finest, Shane Ellis made it across to the east coast and went higher and further than most. A contender in the high air and long jump.. Shane RIPS.

Jaxon Philp bmx act jam

Young Jaxon has been coming to ACT jam since I think he was in single digits. He's 13 now and shreds harder than ever.

Josh Dove ACT Jam 360

So incredible to watch Josh Dove ride - he made everything he did look too effortless. 360 one foot table (perfect Vans product placement too, haha)

Tyson table

I got to ride a bit both days, stoked to ride the best quarter ever for a few laps!

Samual Grace 900 ACT Jam 2022

One banged 900/540 flair, Samual Grace givin' it some and living to tell the tale. So badass.

Corey Walsh air ACT Jam 2022

Ridiculous height air from Corey Walsh. 14ft above.

Josh Dove long jump act jam 2022

From memory, this was a keg off the limit on the long keg jump at ACT Jam. The fact that Josh Dove did a huge no hander over this length was INSANE. Corey and Josh battled it out and tied it up. It was crazy.

Long jump push backPush the landing back! Long jump helpers.

Josh hugA relieved Josh Dove gets the love from the crowd after clearing the long jump.  

October 18, 2022 — Tyson Jones-Peni