Skyway TA Replica Pro BMX Bike (20")



Upgrade to something seriously special with the Skyway TA Replica PRO bike.

The Skyway TA is one of those legendary frames, if not the most legendary BMX frame set ever made. The original BMX distributor in Australia, BMX International, and Skyway have worked really hard to reproduce an amazing replica Skyway TA bike that just has to been seen to be believed. 

The Pro Version of the 20 inch Skyway TA replica bike features old school BMX upgrades that makes this even more of a collectors item than the standard model:

Skyway TA Replica Pro 20" bike features:

  • Colour matched throughout, example: Red Tuffs means red headset, brakes, cable, grips, seat, stem and pad set
  • Full Chromoly Skyway TA Aero Frame
  • Full Chromoly Skyway TA Aero Fork 1” Threaded
  • Full Chromoly Skyway TA Pro Bars, 9.25” rise
  • Genuine USA made Riveted Skyway Tuff Wheel II wheels
  • Genuine Skyway colour coded Tuff brake pads
  • Genuine retro Tioga Comp III Tires
  • Redline 402 Flight Cranks 175mm w/sealed USA BB set
  • Redline 44t Flight Chainwheel
  • Genuine Japanese made MKS Alloy Bear Trap pedals
  • Genuine Japanese Tange MX320 1” threaded headset
  • Skyway Aero seat
  • Retro Tri grips
  • Dia-Compe MX1000 Calliper rear brake
  • Dia-Compe Tech 3 brake lever
  • USA made Flite Skyway pad set

This is the first time that Skyway have released a complete bike since the Skyway TA300 that was released in the late 1980s.

The Skyway TA Pro 20 inch bike are a serious bike to add to your Old School BMX bike collection that is a head turner, without question.

Serious attention to detail has been put in by Skyway & BMX International - you will not be disappointed.

    Additional Skyway TA bike details

    "These are not exact copies of the original TA completes or even
    frames. That would be disrespectful to the collectors out there who do
    have the original TA Frames. These are 2022 made frames built using the
    same teardrop TA tubing as in the 1980’s, however there are slight

    We have redesigned these frames from the 2012 re-release, back
    closer to the way they were in the 80’s. The 20” version now features a
    21.5”TT, (24” has a 22” TT) full Chromoly teardrop TA Tubing, 1”
    Threaded fork steerer, USA BB set, side pull calliper brake mounts and a
    25.4mm seatpost tube. The TA fork and Handlebar are also full Chromoly.
    Each bike and Frameset will be a numbered product to give this new
    complete, a mystique of its own.

    It will never be a genuine original 80’s model, but will be an
    affordable collector bike, or a fun retro all day get around bike. For
    those collectors who do have the genuine product, please don’t think
    this is undermining you. You have the original real deal from the late
    Chuck Raudman/Ken Coster days. This new 2022 version is a collaboration
    of Ken Coster and Myself and draws on our 40 year business and personal
    relationship, which I believe would be the longest business relationship
    in BMX worldwide.

    This project is driven by passion, not money and we hope we make
    someone happy to know they can own a genuine Skyway bike themselves. If
    anyone wanted to see our Passion for BMX, they just have to watch our
    Micro series of Documentaries released in 2018 on
    our YouTube channel.

    Owning a Skyway is not like just owning a bike. You are investing in BMX History that will be part of this sport for eternity."

    - BMX International general manager Scott Shepherd:

    BMX bike shipping info

    All BMX bikes are shipped in a bike box at a flat rate
    of $35 Australia wide.

    Bikes are shipped using Startrack Express or Australia Post,
    some assembly is required once received and can be done using a basic BMX tool kit and bike pump.

    We provide an optional pre-service bike build to
    dramatically cut down on the assembly and prolong the life of your bike, which
    can be added at the checkout.

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    I couldn't be happier with the bike. It came 80% assembled. The quality of it is top-notch and brings back my teenagers!