S1 Protection BMX Body Armour - Epic High Impact Kimmann



S1 Protection's ultimate protection in lightweight bike body armour is now available in the Kimmann version.

The Kimmann brothers are leading the charge in BMX racing in the world, so S1 Protection have created BMX body armour to suit the speeds they race at.

Re-designed shoulder pads and hard shell Kevlar elbow pads with new integrated strap that fits and stays on the elbow, coupled with the latest protective materials sets the Kimmann version bike jacket apart.

With a zip positioned along one side, makes putting it on and removal easy.

Some MTB body armour can be bulky.

The S1 BMX body armour addresses that and trims any unnecessary bulk, making it very lightweight and easy to move in. The S1 Epic Kimmann bike armour jacket is available in kids body armour sizes. 

S1 Epic Kimman Body Armour Features:

  • Defence Epic S.A.M padding is 40% more protective than their regular version
  • Lightweight spandex construction
  • S.A.M foam padding on shoulders, abdomen, back and chest areas
  • New Hard Shell Kevlar elbow pads with new integrated strap that fits and stays on the elbow
  • Redesigned Shoulder padding
  • Side zip for easy removal


  • Youth X Small: Age 3 - Age 5 (Rider Height 100 - 120cm)
  • Youth Small: Age 5 - Age 7 (Rider Height 115 - 135cm)
  • Youth Medium: Age 7 - Age 9 (Rider Height 130 - 150cm)
  • Youth Large: Age 9 - Age 11 (Rider Height 142 - 160cm)
  • Youth X Large: Age 11 - Age 13 (Rider Height 152 - 168cm)
  • Adult Small: Rider Height 160 - 170cm
  • Adult Medium: Rider Height 165 - 178cm
  • Adult Large: Rider Height 170 - 185cm
  • Adult X Large: Rider Height 180 - 192cm
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