Relic Revolve Cassette Hub


Drive Side

Who would've thunk it? A cassette hub with the ability to run a driver bigger than 9 teeth? If you're into trail riding, or just want a harder gearing - or a more mid school BMX look, you'll know that all of a sudden, your hub choice becomes very limited.

Relic BMX solve that problem with their new Revolve hub. Available in a 9 or 10 tooth driver, the Relic Revolve hub allows you to run a bigger sprocket than you'd traditionally find with a 9 tooth rear. 

With sturdy Chromoly press on cone nuts (full chromoly drive side with a chromoly insert on the non drive side) and a polymer bushing in the driver, the Revolve cassette will stay rolling smooth for years.

Finally, the Relic Revolve cassette hub comes with a female 3/8" axle with 14mm adaptors so you can run it with a 3/8" dropout frame like the Credence CCR.

Made to suit the Relic Revolve front hub perfectly.


  • Female CRMO axle
  • 3/8" CRMO bolts with 14mm adaptors
  • Hub works with 3/8" drop out frames like the Credence CCR
  • 4 pawl driver with 48 engagement points
  • Polymer bushing in driver
  • 9 or 10 tooth driver
  • Relic logo on hub shell
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