Odyssey Grandstand V2 Pedals - Alloy (Tom Dugan)



Odyssey BMX come through with another killer product, the Odyssey Grandstand pedals. Tom Dugan wanted a big platform BMX pedal with a slim profile and these pedals from Odyssey BMX delivers. The alloy version is tough, with removable pins for custom traction and a longer life.

  • A unique bearing configuration allows a big spindle to be paired with a slim pedal body
  • 9/16” only (to suit 3-piece cranks)
  • Price is for a pair
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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Kaleb Olden
If you don't own these pedals, you should.

Had 4 pairs of these pedals now and just can't get enough.
I've never slipped off and received a shinner, as they are very grippy.
When the pins are removed like one side of mine are, they slide like a dream.
And that extra wide platform is the best thing to have ever happened to pedals.

Con, they do come loose in the bushings over time and refuse to tighten up via the pressure bolt. But when this happens you can just slap a blob of weld over the nut to permanently retain them or what i really like to do is just get a new set. Cheap.


Very grippy and no problems so far