Merritt Brian Foster FT1 Tire



The legendary Brian Foster knows BMX. He knows you don't need super knobby tires to ride trails these days, because you're not tearing through powder anymore; trails are hard-packed. BF and Merritt worked up the FT1 tire for the modern day trail rider.

A relatively smooth centre so it's fast, with micro-knobs on the side when you're leaning into a turn and want that grip.

These micro-knobs actually stick up above the main surface a small amount, this allows them to sink into that slightly soft dirt and give an increase in surface area contact, but the amount they are raised doesn’t negatively affect stability or grip on hard surfaces.

At the edges of the tread pattern are smooth tread blocks that help protect the sidewall on ramps and street. A great all-round tire, endorsed by a legend in BMX.

  • Available in black only
  • Available in 2.35″ and 2.25" widths
  • Price is for one tire
  • Weight: 658 grams
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