Forgotten Rascal Balance Bike


Built with a more BMX aesthetic in mind, the Forgotten Rascal gives plenty of adjustment throughout, to ensure the bike grows with the rider.



Why the Forgotten Rascal Balance Bike is awesome

The Forgotten Rascal takes advantage of a more traditional BMX setup. By using a regular clamped stem and handlebars, the Forgotten Rascal gives the option for a lot more adjustment as the young rider grows.

Proper inflatable tires and hi-tensile steel frame gives the Forgotten Rascal balance bike a much longer wear life - so if your lil rascal is a daredevil, this bike will hold up!

Bike sizing

Suits riders from as early as 12 months to 4 years old with a minimum inseam measurement of 30cm.

Forgotten Rascal Balance Bike Specifications

Foot Platform For Extra Balance Support

Custom Straight Angled Bars For Easy Control

Custom Designed Fork Design

Special designed non slip grips

Alloy Top Load Stem

Quick Release Seat Post

Custom No Slip Seat Fabric

Alloy Rims