Fit Blunt Cranks

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The Fit Blunt 24mm cranks are made for real deal BMXing of the modern age. That means strong cranks that can withstand grinds and don’t cut your ankles up!

The Fit Blunt cranks also include a 24mm Mid bottom bracket, meaning a fresh feel under your feet.

A 24mm hollow spindle means your cranks are lighter, while being stronger.


  • Investment cast “Blunt” spindle bosses and flush mount bolts eliminate sharp edges that cut rider’s ankles
  • Concave “Indented” and swaged 100% heat-treated CRMO arms increase strength and dent resistance during grind/slides
  • Hollow 24mm heat-treated CRMO spindle is strong and light
  • Works with all 15/16” / 24mm center bore sprockets
  • Sprockets that come with 19mm or 22mm hat washers are 15/16″ / 24mm with the hat washer removed
  • Flush Mount bolts accept 6mm and 8mm allen keys
  • 24mm Mid bottom bracket included
  • RHD/LHD compatible
  • Weight: 1.06kg (complete including BB)