Eclat Carbonic Rim

By Eclat


High tech BMX has hit new heights with the help of Eclat BMX - with the first-ever carbon fibre BMX rim specific to freestyle BMX.

Eclat don't do anything unless it's top notch, so you can trust that the Eclat Carbonic rim has undergone 3 years of serious R&D, testing and fine tuning. The result is a BMX rim that is incredibly light, but also stronger and more stiff than it's alloy competition.

Compared to a standard alloy rim, the Eclat Carbonic rim will save you around 140 grams per rim - which is massive in terms of rotating weight, but even more amazing when you add to that more speed from a stiffer wheel! Think about that next time you are kicking a tailwhip around!

Available in a brakeless version, as well as a straight wall that is brake ready. 

Brakeless riders can use the straight wall front and back with no problem.


  • Material: Torayca High Performance Carbon Fibre
  • Size 37mm wide x 26mm tall
  • 36h only
  • First freestyle BMX specific carbon fibre rim
  • Incredibly lightweight and stiff compared to an alloy rim
  • Laboratory tested to withstand huge impacts
  • Rider tested by Eclat Pro team
  • Tubeless ready
  • Offset spoke drilling for improved spoke alignment
  • Weight: 360 grams