DRS Titanium BMX Spokes



Titanium spokes save you a bunch of weight on your ride - and when you're saving weight in your wheels, it adds up to an even lighter feeling ride, due to rotational weight being far more noticeable.

These DRS Ti spokes are as high quality as it gets, so get your ride super light now!

  • All spokes come with chrome 16mm length brass nipples
  • Sold as individual spokes.

PLEASE NOTE: If you are getting a custom wheel built from us, you must order 36 spokes per wheel.

Wheel build guide:

  • 186mm will suit most low-flange front hubs with regular height rims in a 3-cross lace pattern. 
  • 184mm will suit most standard cassette rear hubs with regular height rims in a 3-cross lace pattern. If a hub features two different flange height (eg. Profile) than we recommend a shorter spoke (182mm) for the drive side/bigger flange. 
  •  'Aero' style rims (eg. GSport Birdcage) will require a shorter spoke by 2 - 4mm.


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