Box One Tire - 120 TPI Folding Bead

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Box Components have put in work to create a BMX racing tire that searches to out-compete the rest. The Box One folding tires are made to have as little rolling resistance and weight as possible, while still maintaining ultimate traction.

A super-supple 120TPI casing allows for second-to-none grip.

Skin walls reduce drag and further reduce weight. 

The BMX race-specific tread uses a center band with a large contact patch to unidirectional tactile knobbies on the sides.. Maximum traction out of the gate with epic grip in the corners, and low rolling resistance in the straights.

Note: Not a tubeless tire.

  • 120 TPI High-Density Casing
  • Aramid Folding Bead
  • High-Traction Directional Grooves for Starting Gate Grip Point
  • Low Rolling Resistance Center Strip Chevrons
  • Countless Ramped Hexagonal Directional Knobbies
  • Weight:
    20 x 1-1/8" - 187g
    20 x 1-3/8" - 234g
    20 x 1.50" - 273g
    20 x 1.75" - 378g
    20 x 1.90" - 371g
    24 x 1.75" - 378g
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