The big hanger to drop on Northbourne, Canberra. Photo Nick Gascoine.

Jack O'Reilly is one dedicated dude. Not just when it comes to riding, but with everything in life. The dude has laser focus. He is determined. I mean, how else could someone commit to going out and filming gnarly big rails consistently without having focus like Jack does?

While everyone else was tripping over themselves, trying to pull together their part in the Back Bone video when the deadline was looming, Jack had been putting in work consistently for 18 months prior, with what he had to do next already planned in his head. And he'd get it done. All this while working 5, sometimes 6 days a week as a plumber.

One of the gnarliest street riders we've seen, but also the dude who'll come up to the trails now and again and get through the line first go. He also has fine taste in BMX, music and other things in life. Get a glimpse into a little of what makes Jack tick below.


Places on the bike:

  • ANU
  • UC
  • Melbourne
  • Sydney
  • Hastings

Jack rail scope

Jack rail feeble

This rail doesn't get messed with too often.. In fact, I don't know of anyone apart from Jack doing anything but a double peg down it. Jack, big feeble on a narrow 16 stair. Jack Gruber Photo.

Places off the bike:

  • Broulee
  • Byron
  • Crescents head
  • Milton
  • Back Bone

 jack gap nose drop

Jack with one of the most serious nose wheelies ever. You have to gap out and the ledge is that weird length that doesn't allow you to half ass the nose and correct into position. You just have to jump straight into the position and if you flip, you're falling ten foot. Raine Turnbull photo.

Music to ride to:

  • To be honest, I find it hard to listen to music whilst riding... soooo none.

Music to hang to:

  • Beast of Bourbon - Psycho
  • Sydney City Trash - Whiskey In The Sun
  • Nick Cave - Knockin' On Joe
  • Drunk Mums - Dirty Birmy

 Jack ledge ride

Gnarly skinny ledge ride, Kingston. Nick Gascoine photo.

Bike parts:

  • Division hub guard
  • Eclat Bondi rims are hard to beat
  • Odyssey Trailmix pedals
  • Division C bars
  • Division Lanark frame


  • Over crooks
  • Nollie ice
  • A Ty Morrow oppo 3 or tail whip
  • No footer to table

jack overcrooks

Dived into the overcrooks, UC. Jack Gruber photo. 


  • Calvin Kosovich
  • Brian Kachinsky
  • Ty Morrow
  • All the backbone dudes; Russell, Tyso, Jack, Zac, Jeff etc etc

BMX memories:

  • Traveling around Europe with Rob Pak
  • Division trip to Brisbane
  • Most recent trip to Melbourne
  • Back Bone trip to Kempsey
  • Back Bone trip through country Victoria

jack portrait


May 24, 2017 — Tyson Jones-Peni